Tanica aka ~TeXaS bEaUtY~

A lil about me, My name is Tanica aka ~TeXaS bEaUtY~. I was born in raised in Killeen Texas, love Texas lol. I am a 27 year old with 3 amazing children that mean the world to me.. A gentleman by the name of Marrell is my Husband that is in the ARMY. I like to model for different photographers, ever since I was young I love too take picture after picture, especially in school lol, my parents were always sayin we have to buy more
pixs! That’s just my passion posin for the camera. I love taking all kinds of different pictures from pinups to urban to naughty 🙂 That’s pretty much about me, just know that TeXaS bEaUtY loves posin and lookin good for the camera! O yea I have a photoshoot comin up on Jan.5 and the theme is gonna be black pinup barbie, and I’ll send you pixs of those as well 🙂 Thanks keep in touch and I look forward to doin business with SUPASTARS MAGAZINE!!! Thanks so so much!
~TeXaS bEaUtY~