*EXCLUSIVE*J Kapone OF Top Dollar Ent Austin Texas

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Supastarsmag got to catch up with Austin Texas Legend J Capone the last time I seen you we were at the Ozone Awards in Houston Texas by the way that pic I took of you made it into the Ozone Awards issue that following month but hold up lets get everybody up to date with you where you been your fans all wanna know?I’ve been in the Federal Bureau of Prisons also known as The Feds.

Can you speak on why you were incarcerated?I was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

I notice on your Mob Tv drop you did for my homie Lotto you say the game can bite you explain to the people that don’t get it what you mean by that?Just when you think everything is good the Federal Government  and the streets come back to get ya.

You speak of Loyalty alot do you think some of these peeps out here don’t stand on their word or what?No. All the love I showed to people in the music or dope game vanished when I got popped, then its every man for himself. When the Feds indict you and people get to snitching and not holding there own, so loyalty is a big thing for me if you ridin ride till the wheels off and stay around through the good and bad but those who kept it real thats loyalty who know who you are.

While you were incarcerated were you still able to communicate with your fans?Yes through my record label DJ Knowledge, DoeBoy Fresh Derek George.

Who held you down when were incarcerated to kerp your name alive in the streets with this music? Top Dollar ENT #TDE, Doeboy Gang #DBG, DJ Knowledge, DoeBoy Fresh Big Hugo, Lil Steve, Lil Rick, The streets and my loyal fans.

Did you write any new music?Yes I got alot bout to pop, keep your ears to the streets.

What advice would you have for anyone out there living that life in the streets?Be careful, watch your circle, keep your enemies close, stash money for a rainy day, always know theres two outcomes prison or death and never snitch you knew what you signed up for.. #Beloyalandstaytrue

Since your release have you been back in the studio working on new music? Yes I’m limited because I’m in the halfway house but we are working .

What was the first thing you did when you hit the free world?Ate some good breakfast, got some good pussy and did a quick video for the intenet then went shoppin coped a whip then went to the halfway house.

Who are you working with to manage you now?DoeBoy Fresh and Derek Foreal, when he available, but DoeBoy is the go to guy right now.

Are you still the C.E.O of Top Dollar Ent?Yes me and Aron Moore are still the owners of Top Dollar ENT DoeBoy Gang

What will be your first single you release?First street single  will be bout2gofed (trap anthem) also bust it break it down, what a day, and boss status feat Slim Thug new and improved produce by justice league will be the follow ups

What’s the name of your new album?Finally Home…. pending label approval

Will you have any features on it?Yes. Bun B, Ray J, Slim Thug, Jonathas, Kyle Lee and many more to come.

If you work with any artist who would it be and why?Kevin Gates he’s the true meaning of the streets also Boosie, Gucci, Remy Ma, YG, Scarface and ZRo

Can we expect any new videos?Yes #BOUTTOGOFED will be the first street video

Whats was it like working with Slimthug,Bun B and Ray J? It was  true honor to work with some of the best in the game.

Do you still have your Top Dollar Ent clothing and if so how can your fans get your merchandise?Top Dollar Clothing is owned by Carlos Hernandez and you can reach him at topdollarclothing.com. Also we will be releasing  clothing and merchandise under the Top Dollar ENT label but we are all fam and work together

How did you hook up with Big Hugo and Lil Sicc?Displaying 13781733_1251773778168861_5377209478627622988_n.jpg

I’ve been working with Hugo for over ten yrs, that’s my lil bro before i was even poppin. Lil Sicc since he hit the ATX scene and took the promo game by storm. Them my two dawgs showed me alot of love since I’ve been out!

How did you end up networking with Doe Boy Fresh and Dj Knowledge to do these mixtapes?DoeBoy Fresh is my cousin by blood. We hooked up when I got out of state prison. He became my hype man but since I’ve been gone he stepped up his biz game so it was only right to have him manage the movement. He also been with me from the start of Top Dollar ENT, DoeBoy Gang and DJ Knowledge became my DJ in 08  and we’ve been puttin in work and feeding the streets ever since then.

How did you come up with the idea to drop Love For The City?I was in the feds thinking bout all the people I’ve work with or have showed me love and decided to show love back. Something the city and I needed to do for the fans.

What’s next for J Capone? Drop my highly anticipated album, feed the streets with mixtapes, cop a deal and finish what i started.

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If someone wants to book you for a show or interview you how do they contact you?Doeboy fresh and DJ Knowledge, freshtopdollar@gmail.com
or hit up djknowledge at godjknowledge@gmail.com
or you can get at me
J Kapone Kapone@facebook.com

What’s your Website,Twitter,Facebook and Instagram?J Kapone Kapone @facebook.com @jkapone512 – Instagram
website under construction

Any shout outs? Shout out to my family, wife and kids. The Top Dollar ENT DoeBoy Gang Fam (DoeBoy Fresh, Big Hugo, DJ Knowledge) and the rest of my loyal company. Free Aron Moore and Lil Deigo. All the ATX game spitters, DJ’s promo blog and entertainment companies.  I’m back, lets work!

Would you like to speak on anything we might have missed?Beloyalandstaytrue, never snitch, always keep your circle tight, God first, Fam second and never give up on your dream. Top Dollar is not just a label but a way of life, DoeBoy Gang. Be on the look out for the first single #BOUT2GOFED. Thanks for all the support, stand up texas lets get it… The king  is back!

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Interview by TreDuBB Editor and Owner of Supastars Magazine

Threi and Chilly Chill do it again with hop new single “Trickin Off”

Threi is a prodigy and a titan with years of experience under his belt recognized as one of the industry pioneers! Threi has crossed paths with some of raps most succeseful in the biz. He is best known from Ice Cube’s group The Lenchmob.

Threi was born in Southern California and raised in the ghettos of Los Angeles. He also has lived in Stockton Ca. & Phoenix, Az. This brother has laid his melodic vocal juices over instrumentals since the early days of rap. As a young rapper Threi started out in the group Hardcore with guest star Ice Cube in 1988 https://www.discogs.com/Hardcore-Hardcore/release/680144 on production along with Wax Dawg for the groups first single on South Mtn Records. He went on to the group D30ICE which performed on HBO in Rapmania.

During the N.W.A. days Ice Cube and Threi became roommates recording music and writing songs throughout Ice Cube’s school days in Phoenix at ITT Tech. Ice Cube then learned Threi was very skilled with music & clothing. With Ice Cube going solo from group NWA he made Threi part of his Lenchmob group from Phoenix,Az. and took Threi with him on several tours as an official member. Threi quickly put together some amazing clothing and secured a merchandising agreement with Mckenzie River Corp. to advertise for St. Ides beer and Ice Cube. Threi ‘s success extends beyond the world of rap as he has done merchandising for Ice Cube’s Death Certificate tour. He also helped created the movie set for “Friday”. Threi has appeared on MTV’s Rags-n-Gear so you can see he keeps a lot on his plate. Threi is focused and driven Producers of most of Threi’s tracks for this album are from legendary Lenchmob producer Chilly Chill, Eijay Of Embryo Soul Music and Dee Da Bad Guy of Orange Room Music whom Threi had the pleasure of working directly with on several projects due for release. A collaboration with Mac-doe of La Zuu Tribe and legendary west coast rap artist Duv Mac/Tfl Music.

He learned how to put together a gold and platinum album from the legend Ice Cube, rule#1-I will always be fan of rap music 1st.

Purchase the single:




Miami artist WayOn signs deal with hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg & Doggy Style Records

Camp Inc. Records and their artist WayOn are thrilled to announce the re-release of “Slow Motion” featuring Kevin Cossom through Snoop Dogg’s label The Return of Doggy Style Records, available available for purchase/download via: iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and Pandora as of 6/2016.

Slow Motion is a smooth mix of hip-hop meeting R&B and lyrics that many can relate to.  The positive, soulful vibes provide a sound that listeners can two-step to in the club or listen to while cruising down the highway.  This is WayOn’s first majorly released single, but he is currently working on new projects set to release by the end of 2016.

WayOn has been signed to Camp Inc. Records since January 2014 as a solo artist and has performed at numerous venues and events throughout Florida.  As of June 2016, WayOn signed a re-release deal with Rap/Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg and his label Doggy Style Records; joining Snoop’s The Return of Doggystyle label and movement as the only independent artist out of Miami, Florida.

Social Media:

Instagram: @TheRealWayOn (https://www.instagram.com/therealwayon/?hl=en)

Twitter: @TheRealWayOn (https://twitter.com/TheRealWayOn)

SnapChat: TheRealWayOn

Facebook: Wayman WayOnDavis (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=42420529&fref=ts)

YouTube Video:  Slow Motion


Hot new video from Mr. Boomboombang titled Can’t Trust Nobody

Mr. Boomboombang’s video Can’t Trust Nobody displays the essence of real hip hop! On a simple beat he is spitting truth about real life. Something everyone can relate to. That is what hip hop is about. I was impressed with his flow, ability and magnetic appeal


Arod Somebody Drops “Changed Up” for anxious fans!!

Magnetic appeal is what Arod Somebody  Washington D.C.’s newest rap star has. The 25 year-old has caught the eyes and ears of many in a short amount of time. His debut mixtape “80 months” is a reflection of his time spent in jail and experiences he shares with the world. His music appeals to even the most discerning listeners.

Arod’s grind is never ending. He is focused, driven and has the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet! Shortly after his debut video release, he has now premiered his second video “Changed Up”. Shot in his hometown, the video shows images of Arod and describes how rising to fame changes the personality of those around him.

With support from his label Major Life Music, Arod is sure to succeed. This is merely the beginning of the work he plans on releasing to the public as an introduction to who he is as an artist.

IG: @Arod_somebody

Niara Purkett Is A Young Lady On The Move

I caught up with the super talented Niara Purkett recently and she explained about her journey in the entertainment industry. She is focused and driven and has accomplished a lot at such a young age.  She has the work ethic of an industry vet.


Here is what she had to say:

Since 2003 I have been actively participating in dance lessons, theater and small productions. My dance experience has allowed me to become proficient in ballet, pointe, ballroom, hip hop and more. During the past 12 years I had the opportunity to perform for many audiences and a variety of venues, including Amateur Night at the Apollo in New York. Most recently I traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey to dance for Chaka Khan on stage.
Within the past month I greatly enjoyed participating in “Respect My Runway” (RMR) Fashion Show. After being chosen to model in RMR I auditioned for Haute Accessory Week, September 7-10, 2016, Tampa, Florida. Being a model is a new goal and aspiration that I actively am pursuing.

Check Out Official Video From Flyy Drexler Titled “Came From Nothing”

Check out the official music video from rising North Carolina based hip hop recording artist Flyy Drexler titled “Came From Nothing”.  Get more updates and information on Flyy Drexler at http://www.FlyyDrexler.blogspot.com


13th Floor Releases “Back To School” on Live Mixtapes!


13th Floor Boys are back! They won fans over with their single last year ‘Dab” and had the most discerning listeners dancing. These young guys got the recipe for success they are focused, driven and talented! Their much anticipated mixtape is now available on Live Mix Tapes.

 @13thFloorBoys3 – School Daze :: #GetItLIVE! @IndyTapes @DJSwampIzzo


Meant2B Back With Hot New Single “Faithful”

R&B duo Meant2B is back at it again! After releasing the successful single “No Ring” in 2015, they flip the script with their new single “Faithful”, once again teaming up with producer Chris Cutta.

In the coming months, Meant2B will be putting the finishing touches on their new EP with platinum producer Caviar, and will be hitting the road this fall to promote the project.


David Lyric From Behind The Camera To In Front Of It

He’s photographed celebs like Drake, Terrence Howard, Waka Flocka, and promoted at venues all over north Atlanta. David Lyric.  The event photographer and promoter was one of the busiest promoting at Queens, The Valley, and Purple Rain all while being contracted with ATLPics.Net and photographing many of the biggest red carpet events for A.G. entertainment. On the side he pursued artist management and video directing.

But what happens when the artist manager becomes the artist!?!? We are about to find out!  Artists who have experience in other parts of the industry usually have an advantage on the rest. And with over 100,000 plays on his first single he’s starting to carry his own weight. David has a video scheduled that he will shoot with his own equipment and will feature VH1 model Shyona Royston. Soon the camera may be on him.