Arod Somebody Drops Hot New Track Ft. Moneybagg Yo

Although currently incarcerated, Arod Somebody will not be stopped. He is more focused on releasing quality music than ever! He dropped his last single  “Whatchu Know” featuring Shy Gizzy and produced by Don Gotti to awaiting fans and is following up with his latest hit “”Everybody”  Nothing can slow this icon in the making down! More music coming soon! Check out the single here:

Get familiar with indie hip hop recording artist Jane Doh

Indie hip hop recording artist and songwriter Jane Doh (Shaquila White) was born March 3rd 1996 and starting rapping and songwriting at the age of 17.  Jane Doh is originally from Bealsville, FL but currently uses Lakeland, Florida as her base of operations.  Jane Doh’s music has been featured on various prestigious websites such as The Beat Yard, Southeast Hip Hop Magazine, Blacktopia, and CW Music just to name a few.  Visit her official web blog at for more information and updates on this Florida based rising recording artist. 

Rapper PJ Dakota Garnering Major Media Attention Nationwide


Rapper PJ Dakota is setting the bar high for other artists. With the focus and drive of a seasoned industry vet PJ is destined for success. Influenced at a young age by such greats as Johnny Mathis, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson and Prince to mention a few she knew that performing was her destiny.

PJ started her company Day Dream Production with the mission of providing solid production and songwriting for local and national acts. Her first completed project was production for a local group called Reality. She became a member of the talented gospel accapella group 6X Divine. She continued on by participating in the Mid-Michigan’s largest amateur talent showcase. She has lent her vocals to several projects throughout the Flint and surrounding area.

With powerful lyrics over hypnotizing beats Pj Dakota wants to be recognized for her skills and talent as a great songwriter, producer and entertainer. She has recently landed a publishing deal and production deal with RokkMusic Publishing. PJ is Head of A&R at RokkMusic for Record Union/Sony Music. Her current projects include the production of her debut CD, DDP compilation, and working with several local artists. PJ currently has two singles “Closer to Me” and “Big Deal” available on ITUNES and many other sites. Her new single I’m Sorry will be available on ITUNES in the coming weeks. Having control of her career and music company, PJ Dakota is on her way to becoming a musical icon.…


Pamela Alexander founder of Shy Entertainment has come a long way baby!

Pamela Alexander hails from Nashville, Tennessee. She founded Shy Entertainment and Step Soldier’s entertainment I also started a business call Step Soldier’s Entertainment which has  been going strong for 15 years with one artist named Ksheen who has a single coming out with Solomon Childs of Wu Tang.  Pamela has cone across and been mentored by some industry heavy hitters such as Justin Simms at the time Silk’s manager, Zack Ceaser and then the man him self very well known in the industry Keith Clizark with over 12 million records sold and $525 million generated he also produced hit records for Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Too Short to name a few.  In 2015 she met Cheryl Cooley from the funk band Klymaxx a very special friend who connected me with MPRE and the owner Anthony Quinn. They also have a modeling division in addition to music. As you can see Pamela is on her way to becoming a industry icon and someone young women can look up to as a role model.

Follow Her Movement:

Check out latest from Rapper/Spoken Word artist “Faunt”


Rapper / Spoken word artist Faunt is blowing up with his latest single “Coldest Winter Ever”.  Listen to the single here at this direct link  After his most talked about guest appearance on the prestigious Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, many fans and listeners are saying that his voice reminds them of the late Notorious B.I.G., however supporter say his delivery puts them in the mind of the earlier Wu-Tang Clan material.  No matter who Faunt reminds you of, vocally or lyrically it is safe to say that he is one of the rare artists rocking the traditional boom bap golden era hip hop and holding his own with modern day music!  Get more updates on Faunt at

Muney Krane Is Garnering Nationwide Attention With Real Life Street Anthems

Muney Krane caught my attention because his music tells stories. That is what Hip-Hop is all about yet seldom found in artists today. For me it is a breath of fresh air. Not for the faint of heart, touching on the real life struggles of the streets Muney Kane paints a picture lyrically that many can relate to and feel his pain.

Hailing from St Louis, Mo but calling Las Vegas home Muney Krane Is garning attention nationwide. His current EP that he is in the lab working on is called “Been Active 2” hosted by Hitman Beatz from Las Vegas. You can expect to hear some real reality street music on any of his tracks. He has the drive and determination of a seasoned rapper.

Arod Somebody drops new single “Whatchu Know” feat Shy Gizzy”


Although currently incarcerated, Arod Somebody will not be stopped. He is more focused on releasing quality music than ever! His latest release “Whatchu Know” featuring Shy Gizzy and produced by Don Gotti is now available. Nothing can slow this icon in the making down! He will be dropping even more music in January! Check out the single here:…

Florida artist Marcnerr drops single “My Reality”


Guerby Alcime aka “Marcnerr” is a Florida based artist with a passion for singing. He’s currently a artist on GclassTv Ent LLC. You can catch his single “My Reality” on all major streaming platforms including Tidal, iTunes and Spotify.

 Follow him on IG @Marcnerr

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer

The long the wait is over! Finally released the official trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers Infinity War.

All I can say is that this trailer is nothing short of Awesome


All our favorite characters featuring in one movie this is going to be one heck of an adventure!

The Walking Dead’s Shane, actor Jon Bernthal becomes The Punisher

The directors, writers and all cast involved get a 10/10 rating from me.

You read that title correctly, fans of Jon Bernthal mostly remembered from his stunning
performance as “Shane” on AMC’s The Walking Dead in my opinion has walked Netflix’s
original series “the Punisher” right out of the comics!
Washington D.C. native Jon Bernthal was the right choice for this role/character, playing Frank
Castle a Marine veteran who comes home from war only to have the war follow him. His family
is murdered due to a conspiracy that he inadvertently participated in. Leaving Castle (Bernthal)
with a one track mind, punish those who wronged him.
From pilot to finish this tale is a wild ride, filled with emotion, bloody violence and a little
unwanted political correctness intrusion. However, it makes for a great binge watching weekend
solo or accompanied.
The directors, writers and all cast involved get a 10/10 rating from me. Why? Over the years
many in Hollywood have tried to give us comic geeks a Punisher via big screen that cuts the
mustard and have tragically failed in their attempts.
From Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher 1989) to Thomas Jane(The Punisher 2004) and Ray
Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone 2008) all which were not horrible films but failed to provide a
sequel or even that of a trilogy. Hey, I’m a fan of all those guys and films yet still not afraid to
say they left us asking WHAT HAPPENED? Steve Lightfoot answered that question with his
fantastic fresh origin yet still genuine to the comic books Netflix version of The Punisher!
Easily setting up a promising franchise that eventually can even lead to the big screen amongst
the Avengers. If so don’t change the actor, Mr. Bernthal “It can not go back like the way it was
before!” You are THE PUNISHER!
Marvel’s The Punisher | Netflix Official Site