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LahSoul drops hot new video “The Pale Horse- Can’t Be Stopped”


LahSoul was born in Ypsilanti, MI. & started rapping at the age of 8 years old in his uncle’s basement with two of his cousins. The first song they wrote together was called “Basketball” and we’re pretty sure someone still has the song on a cassette tape somewhere. But it wasn’t until about 1 year ago, did LahSoul get serious about making real music to put out to the public. He states, “I know I always wanted to put an album out and knew I was going to, but I just didn’t know when that time would come.” LahSoul continues, “the album honestly took about a whole year to finish up, because I still didn’t have my sound fully developed and just had to find my direction, meaning, which way I was going to go with this album.”

New Video From Shys Debiocci

Watch the music video / short film by rising South Carolina based hip hop recording artist, actor and author Shys Debiocci titled “A Reason” here.  Watch the amazing video from this talented super star and post your comments and feedback below.



Universal Colloquies Inside of Me by Veronica Thornton (Vee)

Universal Colloquies Inside of Me is a book of poetry that asks its readers to have conversations that go beyond the surface. It takes you on a journey in philosophy, sociology, self-awareness, and love while using rhythmic eloquence to highlight often felt yet unexpressed feelings and circumstances. The author utilizes nature in a variation of ways to illustrate how we are all connected and the messages and life lessons really are universal. Although, they are often transmitted and received in different ways. From the beginning Vee tells you exactly who she is in the poem entitled “Who Am I” as she addresses all of those things within the pages to follow. It is a book that will leave you feeling inspired while also giving you a different perspective about some things. Overall it will definitely lead to having deeper conversations also known as colloquies.
Available at:

If your in Utah you dont want to miss this event!

June 17th
Salt Lake City, Utah
Headlining the event BIRDY, LoKey tha Y.G. and Reime Schemes.  The event will be held at In The Venue at 219 S. 600 Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Yeah Boi music group artist Toki Tokabona has the work ethic of a industry vet!

Toki Tokabona-The man is a hip-hop monster. His lyrics are raw and gritty. They say everything you’re afraid to. The New Jersey native uses his lyrical prowess to grab the attention of all who listen to him. Meet Toki Tokabona.
Facebook @toki tyme
Instagram @ Tokithyme
YouTube @ Toki Tokabona

Concerned Mother of Child with Epilepsy organizes Benefit Concert in The Bronx May 21st to “Seize The Cure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Concerned Mother of Child with Epilepsy organizes Benefit Concert in The Bronx May 21st to “Seize The Cure”

By Jonathan Coleman
May 2nd 2017

Who: Diverse Gravity Entertainment

What: Seize The Cure, Epilepsy Awareness Concert & Forum

When: Sunday, May 21st 2017. Doors open at 1pm and the official start time
is 2 pm.

Where: Peace December Headquarters at 2006 Westchester Ave. Bronx, NY 10462

Why: To spread awareness for epilepsy and to garner donations towards more research, epilepsy prevention and treatment.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes
sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance,
loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated
with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

The “Seize the Cure” event was inspired by Maliq
Fenelon, the son of Tara Gibson (BKA TJ Vida
of the music group and the event’s organizers
Diverse Gravity). Maliq suffers from Refractory
Epilepsy which is a form of Epilepsy that
is not controlled by seizure medications and is
extremely difficult to treat and manage and
one of the reasons for that being there are
usually no signs, triggers or a recognizable
patterns of occurrence.

“My son has had 45 seizures in a year, and
half which medications have yet to control
and when medications lessen the quantity
of seizures within a month, the side effects
are still unbearable.” Tara Gibson expresses
as a concerned mother. “Due to his condition
being life threatening, his chances for SUDEP
(Sudden Unexpected Death of Someone with
Epilepsy) are higher. This obviously has
taken a huge toll on me as his mother, his father
and our family who fear for his
life everyday. In addition, his condition has
taken a toll on me in more ways than any parent
can imagine having to physically handle him
during a seizure, adjust scheduling so he is
not left alone, and emotionally for feeling

Instead of waddling in the feeling of helplessness
Tara Gibson along with her other half, Jamaal
Kennedy BKA MellyRow Stacks of Diverse
Gravity have decided to utilize their connections
and influence within the music, media and
entertainment industry to bring the community
together to spread more awareness for Epilepsy,
educate the public and to raise proceeds that
will go towards research, prevention and treating
the condition. Although this event was inspired
by her experience raising a son burned with
the ailment, Tara knows that there are millions of
Americans faced with the struggles of epilepsy daily
rather it be through caring for a loved one, or
having the condition themselves. Seize the Cure
is an event that will help.

The event will be held on Sunday, May 21st.
Doors open at 1pm and the event will start
promptly at 2:00 PM. There is a $20 required
donation to attend this special event.

Seize The cure will be held at the Peace December
Headquarters at 2006 Westchester Ave., Bronx, NY

Contact or
call 347 797 8938

Money Coming In Entertainment©® . Presents, DonSpig. A New UP and COMING Artist out of Houston, Texas.


Cook it Cut It Whip It” is the first of, many singles to drop from the young phenom.
Motivated by a lack of quality music on the hip hop scene, DonSpig, is coming to fill the void of real music enthusiasts who crave the true art form of hip hop. Lyrics, catchy hooks, and an Artist who’s actually SAYING something! DonSpig’s music gives back to the culture what it’s been missing.

With roots embedded in the south DonSpig is bringing back the true sound the has given the south the reign as the king of rappers. If you, as a fan of hip hop, have grown tired of the same old redundant sputter of cloned lyrics your are in for a treat. Mix trap style, with the subtle smoothness of R&B, you get DonSpig the new voice of change in hip hop music. With the release of “Cook it Cut It Whip it” on YouTube, DonSpig is seeing some incredible numbers and fans are loving it. Treat yourself to real music and check out DonSpig on YouTube and join the building fan base. So stay tuned and follow the money, cause it’s coming in.

Twitter @donspigitti
Ig @donspigitti


Sound cloud

All my niggas get money

Cook it Cut it Whip it

Mr. Man aka King Dom is another dope artist from Y.B.M.G (Yeah Boi Music Group)

Mr. Man aka King Dom is a Y.B.M.G (Yeah Boi Music Group) Hip Hop Recording artist, who is mostly known for his realistic, urban style of hip hop in North Carolina, who incorporates the triumphs and struggles of many into his soul staking lyrics. Mr. Man aka King Dom is affiliated with many hip hop artists throughout NC and hails his home as Greensboro, NC.
“I want my music to change lives, I want my music to matter, I was the kid that came from nothing, but I’m also the man who appreciates my struggles and can see the silver lining in life.”
—Mr. Man aka King Dom

Dominic Sentell Jones, who is known in the Hip Hop community as Mr. Man aka King Dom, was born in Greensboro, NC, on May 25, 1985. As a child, he survived some of the unfortunate circumstances of life, and began writing about his experiences, as well as what he envisioned his life to be, at times, through the eyes of those around him who experienced similar situations. For years, he rapped and performed under the name, Man- Child, later dropping part of the name and simply being referred to as Mr. Man. He released numerous mix tapes and marketed his music throughout the streets of several states and neighborhoods around the country. His most memorable tracks are Graveyard, Where I Live, Where I Stay, and Pretty Girl. He has recently released visuals to accompany his tracks and focuses on the gritty, unfiltered reality of those around him. Mr. Man aka King Dom continues to receive accolades from those in the Hip Hop community as having what it takes to break ground and carry the torch by introducing a style of Hip Hop that offers meaning and inspiration.
Background and Early Life
Dominic Sentell Jones was born on May 25, 1985, to the city of Greensboro, NC. His mother moved from New Jersey in hopes of having her first son and introducing him to a better life. Although, conditions were better for him in Greensboro, he still experienced the hardships of being a child of a single parent home and a strained relationship with his father, who often motivated his son to escape the street life and be more than his parents were. As the 1980s crack trade presence increased, Dominic grew up around street activity, witnessed the pull of the streets on his closest family members and began his journey of independence starting with being taken to a group home. From that point, he was forced to provide for himself, but did so always, with knowing that he was different and he would not fall victim to the same fate as those he loved. He did not finish school, but always had a passion for writing and lyrics.
Dominic experienced the loss of loved ones he held dear, such as his Uncle Greg who assisted him in teaching him how to be a man. It was when he lost his uncle as a result of violence, that he decided to change the course of history for himself and his family through his love for Hip Hop. He adopted the moniker Mr. Man and began performing his lyrics as a rapper. Dominic has self- funded his endeavors and now actively pursues a career in Hip Hop, hoping to collaborate with many artist around the country. Mr. Man aka King Dom is an aspiring artist, one to check for, and the forgotten voice of a forgotten people.

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General Grown drops new video “Hustle”

General Grown of THE GROWN MAN TEAM is back with a new video and single, “Hustle”.  General Grown is known for his motivational songs that encourage his fans and listeners to “go get it” and Hustle is certainly another certified motivational song that will bring out the hustlers to get their hustle on!

Marcel P. Black drops new video “Cry Freedom”

Marcel P Black’s official video to the title track to his critically acclaimed album “Cry Freedom” on Maroon Music/Real Profit Ent. 

Twitter: @marcelpblack
Facebook: Marcel P. Black
Facebook: Real Profit Ent
Instagram – MarcelPBlack
Instagram – RealProfitEnt

Marcel P. Black is a strong, profound lyricist that speaks truth and consciousness in his music.  Listen to everything this brother has to say and follow him on the social media links above.