Hailing from the small cities of Belton and Temple, TX, Nappytown

Hailing from the small cities of Belton and Temple, TX, Nappytown has paved the way for a lot of artist around the area.

1.  Tell the people who you are and how you came up with the name Nappytown?

N: Our name is Nappytown and we are part of The 254 Movement and the creators of the “Welcome to 254” anthem featuring Plane Money Ent, formerly Playa Made Texans, and D.S.G., formerly Dolla Sign Gold.

M: Actually Noki came up with the name of the group while we were in high school. He was inspired by his uncle’s words describing our cities as there’s nothing to do but take naps. So that’s the name we ran with.

N: So for the record, the word “Nappy” is not meant in a disrespectful way, let’s get that clear.

2. Noki when did you start making beats? Who all have you produced for?

I started messing around with music when I was 12. I always wanted a drum set but Mother couldn’t afford one so she bought me a Yamaha PSR 420 and it was over after that. I’ve produced tracks for Jokaman, Spark Dawg, Yung Texxus, Green City, Kyle Lee, Question, Hezeleo, Lil C, and many other great artists.

3. Mario G when did you get in the game? And what inspired you pick up the mic?

I started writing music when I was 12. I feel that it came natural to me due the fact that my whole family just about does music. (Conjunto, tejano, heavy metal, blues, etc) but I’m the first MC of the family.

4. Tell me Noki what’s your recipe for a good beat? Which is a better program Fruity Loops or Reasons? Mario G what motivates you to write a song?

N: For a good beat you need rhythm, a clear mind, and passion, without those, you’ll be lost. As for programs, it’s not what you have but how you use it. That’s my opinion though, everyone’s different.

M: Everything motivates me to write music! I love all genres, styles and eras of music. It can be anything from what I feel or if I’m telling someone else’s story in my rhymes. Either way, I love to do it and almost anything inpsires me.

5. With one of yall being from Belton and the other from Temple, did that bring together the two cities or was it still a rilvary at the time?

M: Growing up, I’ve always know for Temple and Belton to dislike one another. But you never really see the rivalry between to two cities until the annual high school football game between the Temple Wildcats and Belton Tigers. Me and Noki still talk trash to each other but nothing serious. Lol. When we started Nappytown there was a lot of hatin on me cause I’m from Temple and they didn’t like it when I was makin music with someone from Belton but as time went on people just accepted it and now we have fans from both cities..the shit is lovely.

N: You know, it’s different for a lot of people. Some take it as a unity that needed to happen and then you have some people that can’t grow up and look past the negativity. We just like to see positive things happen and so far it’s going well.

6. How did yall come up with the track Ava Devine?

M: Noki suggested we needed to make a “freak” song for the club and while brainstorming, I thought to myself “who’s the biggest freak I’ve ever seen?”  And it came to me..AVA DEVINE! Noki didn’t really know who she was but when I showed him some of her films and her skills, let’s just say he was impressed. Lol. And the track “Ava Devine” was born.

N: We would joke around and say we needed a freak like that, and eventually, we made a track about it, for our grown audience.

7. Mario G where do you see yalls music going in the future? Is there going to be new a Nappytown album Noki? Any future projects or collabs?

M: I see our music going strong independently and possibly even mainstream, we just have to make the right moves. I feel as a group we have matured and are ready to take this rap game to a whole new level.

N: We just finished recording and mixing  “The Antidote” album that will be dropping soon. I’m also currently co-working on the E.L. solo album and on Plane Money Ent’s projects and we’ll be collaborating with local artists also for upcoming releases.

8. Is Playa Made Texans a part of yalls record label? How did you hook up with Pierce Management and Jokaman?

N: Yes, Plane Money Ent. is under Nappytown Productions. I met Jokaman through Jay Classik, founder of the Hustle Squad Fam, back in ’07 when they got the track “Hustle Hard” from me that I produced for Jokaman. Later that year, we signed to Pierce Management but we are no longer with Pierce anymore but me and Jok still keep in touch and do the music 100%.

9. Besides yourself who else in Central Texas would you say is putting it down on the beats? What other artists in Temple or Belton are putting it down?

Man, Moni Johnson, E.L., Chris P., Kevin Vaughn, Million Dollar Beats are doing their thing, the producer for Fed Tyme Records, Enrique from Kingz Ink, there’s a lot of good producers out here making it.

Artists wise we’d say D.S.G., Green City, Black Sound Ent, Clova and Krib Ent, Crew 254, JP Da Pyrexican, Dubb Sixx, Gutta, Kasino, Adykted Sol, Giovanni, Big Herb, K-Wal, there’s a lot more, we just can’t think of then all.

10. Do you plan on doing a solo album Mario G? What about you Noki?

M: It’s funny you ask that! I do a lot of remixes in my spare time for mixtapes and I have thought about doing a solo album but right now, my main focus is “The Antidote” album. After that, we’ll see what happens.

N: I’m not really worried about a solo album right now, just focused on my camp, plus I never have the time.

11. How can artists in Central Texas do to get more exposure for their selves? How can people contact yall for beats or bookings? Got a Myspace or a Twitter?

N: Get out the area they’re from and try to get love from other cites and states. When your hometown sees you too much of you, they tend to get bored of you, ha.

For production purchases, they can reach me at noki@tmail.com, just understand it will be business and you will be paying and follow us on twitter noki_swazay and mariog_da_beast.

12. Any last words?

M: Yeah, get used to hearing about Nappytown (Noki Swazay and Mario G.), cause we  just barely gettin started. 254 is a movement and Nappytown is on the frontlines!

N: “The Antidote” will be coming soon, I hope y’all are ready!

Noki Swazay

5 Time Nominee for the SEA Awards