Young T.X Reppin (210) San Antonio TX, (254) Killeen or Central TX, and (410)

1.Whats good Young T.X?Won’t you let the people know what cities you rep for?
–Whatz good… Reppin (210) San Antonio TX, (254) Killeen or Central TX, and (410) Baltimore MD Home of the Wire.
2.Any new Projects you working on?
–Currently in the lab with Swype 1 of A.N.T. Ent. Puttin together a Mixtape with all original beatz, Most from whom i think is one of the hottest producers regardless the coast named Roc, titled “Young Roc and Rollaz” it is a monsta too.. Well rounded subject matter, so no matter who you are you will enjoy a couple, if not all the, songs on it.. Look out for KongBoi who produced a lot of the beats for the songs on my albulm ‘The Beginnin of the End’..
3.What was the name of your first album?
–‘I Got This’ that’s how i was feelin at the time.. Funny cuz the young homie i later smashed BMore with (Trigga) had his first CD out at the same time titled ‘I Got Dis’… A sign or not it has been good workin with him.. we stay improvin with friendly competition…
4.When in the studio how do you come up with your ideas?Do you do reality rap or club music?
–I Sink into the beat and let it tell me what out of my life or ways or thoughtz to write about…I do all kinds of music.. Let’s get this understood right now, I believe that I AM AN ARTIST.. Now whether you choose to call me a rapper or mc or lyricist, ect. is all up to the individuals opinion.. I can listen to any kind of music, so i appreciate music more so than just rap i just happen to relate to rap more heavy ..I do reality rap with club music feel..
5.How is the music scene in Maryland?Are there any Undarated Undaground Artists there?
–They have a lot of talent in Maryland.. Yes.. First and foremost my partna Trigga of Dat Wunz and Swype 1 of A.N.T. Ent. in Maryland…B Gramz of s1st Fam.. Free JL and Caddy Da Don.. Comp formerly of Def Jam..
6.They say some rappers sell their souls to get a deal.Would you?
–Hell Naw.. I Will sign a deal when they come with a million dollar signing bonus, a couple mill.,  and Full Creative Control.. Until then I’ll enjoy the Independent Money..
7.Do you think artists are getting lazier with creativity in thier music cause of the subject matter they make music about?
8.In three words describe yourself?Why those three?
Real, Knowledgable, Humble…
9.Any new albums or mixtapes you working on?
As i said, me and Swype 1 are workin on a Monsta Mixtape Titled “Young Roc and Rollaz” If you run into that be sure to cop it, it’z a Classic..
10.Do you think Kanye West was disrespectful to Taylor Swift?Should he apologize to her?
–Aint my bidnaz what others do long as it doesn’t concern me, my fam, or my folkz..
11.What can we expect from Young T.X in the future?
Greatness… Simple and Plain… i will be amongst the Elite when it is all said and done… You dealin wit a real Grynda.. Im not trying to shine, im trying to build an empire for my lil boy and family, and family’s family, ect.., ya dig.. entreprenuer..
12.Anything for your fans or shout outs?How would someone contact you to collab or book you?
–To the fans i honestly thank you for supportin the movement.. i assure you it is not just a temporary or one hit song ride… Get accustome to the name… Email me at or call (443) 371-5451 for collab, ghost writing, or booking..
Mixtape DJz get at me before i have to start chargin store prices… ITZ A.N.T. BABAE!!!!!