Getting know Black Pablo

Eric Durkins Stone also known as Black Pablo is an independent music executive and rap recording artist with a voice that resonates far beyond his music. As president of an indie record label, The Medellin Team, and promotions company, G Code, Black Pablo bridges a gap between “the streets” and charitable giving.

His passion for music paired with philanthropy stem from challenges he faced growing up in one of America’s most infamous communities, Dayton Avenue of Flint, Michigan. Dayton Avenue of Flint bred his brethren, the Dayton Family, that established themselves with three members as a ‘90s gangster rap group best known for their 1996 certified gold F.B.I. album. As Black Pablo toured with the Dayton Family and worked in a supporting role within the network, he refined musical talent he’d inherited as a young drummer-boy and gained in-depth knowledge of the music business.

Capitalizing on the highs and lows of his life, Black Pablo makes music for “those that hustle and can relate” to his vices and victories. A survivor of gun violence and juvenile delinquency, Black Pablo has overcome a nine-month coma and a five-year prison stint that has served as a catalyst for change. He bases the concept of success on the words, “loyalty over royalty,” where a helping hand never outweighs personal gain.

Black Pablo continues to work alongside the Dayton Family today to alleviate the challenges the community of Flint faces in their water crisis. The most recent initiatives of the Dayton Family are a youth program at a local Boys and Girls Club and a community fund for outstanding water bills that remain in Black Pablo’s hometown despite the tainted water supply.

Now as a resident of Lincoln Hills, California, out on a branch of his own, Black Pablo creates music that is a true testament to his upbringing in the ‘thorough’ streets of Flint. His record label, The Medellin Team, organizes food and clean water drives to the disadvantaged in partnership with the Town & Country Lutheran church of Sacramento, California.

In his newly released album, Life of a Hustler, Black Pablo stays true to his gritty roots, authentically provoking messages of ‘hustle and grind’ back into underground hip-hop. Ten percent of all proceeds from, Life of a Hustler, will contribute to the Dayton Family’s community water bill fund, holiday and school supply drives sponsored by The Medellin Team.
As a music executive, recording artist and community organizer, Black Pablo sets a footprint for independent artists of today to use their platform as a segue into social entrepreneurship.
Medellin Team merchandise is available through online sales at  Music and updates from Black Pablo and The Medellin Team can be found on Instagram at @blackpablo6979! and @teammedellin.


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