Rapper Impact The Truth Teller is garnering attention nationwide with single “Baby Mama #1”

Calvin Veasley, who hails from Dayton, Ohio, is a writer, rapper, producer and poet who you may know as Impact the Truth Teller. He is certainly setting the bar high for other rappers in the game! His way of thinking is unmatched. He has a lifetime experience as a writer and can create hit songs without hesitation. It has been a while since Impact has been in a studio, as he lost his desire to write after the death of his father in December of 2013. However, recent events would prove to be the fire he needed to get his creative energy flowing again.

On December 8, 2016, while in the hospital recuperating from surgery to have a tumor removed from his bladder, Impact the Truth Teller came to grips with his regrets. One of his main regrets was that he did not continue his dream to write and do poetry. A few days after he was released from the hospital, he was out Christmas shopping with his son.

In reviewing class grades online, he recognized his son was failing three classes. Impact called his son’s mother to see what should be done about the situation. All she wanted to do was argue and finger-point. Impact decided to walk away from the conversation, ended the call, and the shopping trip came to a halt. Because his parents appeared to be fighting again and the shopping trip was cut short due to his grades, his son became upset. He took his son home and on his way back, he stopped at the studio to freestyle some poetry. This served as the inspiration for his latest single, “Baby Mama #1”, produced by Eliot Slaughter and Featuring Evan.

“Baby Mama #1 (Jazz version) featuring Eliot Slaughter” and “Never Give Up.” are records he is currently working to perfect for his fan base. His music has a smooth, melodic ole school feel that appeals to event the most discerning fans! With several songs written and produced years ago and with his current soon-to-be chart-topping music, there is no stopping him from living his dream. With the work ethic of a seasoned vet Impact The Truth Teller is guaranteed to be a round for years to come!

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