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Dante Stackz releases new album “The UnderDog Wins” featuring Neisha Neshae, Northside2x, Nino Brown & More.


Dorchester, Massachusetts Hip-Hop artist Dante Stackz has collaborated with several notable artists in the past, including Neisha Neshae, Jim Jones, Nino Brown, Northside2x & More. He’s back again releasing his new album “The Underdog Wins” with appearances from Kevo Hendricks, Young Rizzy, Snipez Hussle just to name a few. With tracks like “Dorchester High Dayz”, Dante gives us a look into his early life. This project came after a successful run with the Northside2x produced single “Can’t Take The Hustle” featuring Nino Brown. This future is looking bright for Dante check out the Single visuals for “Can’t Take The Hustle” and his Album project titled; “The Underdog Wins” below:


Listen to “The Underdog Wins” Album: https://fanlink.to/fAAb




Esteemed streaming app Tubi’s most talked about new film release

Trap Flix Party comes to us by way of rising African American female

indie filmmaker Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Films.  The movie

Trap Flix Party was released on April 1st on the prominent streaming

platform and is steadily becoming one of Tubi’s most popular project.

The release features 4 amazing short films all packaged together in

one, written, produced, and directed by Felicia Rivers.  The 4 short Films

contained on Trap Flix Party are the horror Tiffany the Doll, the drama

Love Bomb, murder mystery Untimely Reunion, and King Amir’s Verdict

one of the latest drama short films by Geechee One Films.

Trap Flix Party and other films produced by Geechee One Films are now

being released and distributed through Maverick Entertainment,

the number 1 film distribution company for black cinema in the world!

Felicia Rivers is a 2006 graduate of the HBCU Claflin University with a

B.A. in Mass Communications.  In 2019 she formed Geechee One

Films with prominent businessman Isaac Hilton, and is based in

Charleston, SC where most of her projects are filmed and produced.

Felecia has worked with over 100 incredibly talented actors from newcomers

to season veterans, which many of them are mainstays in her various

productions.  Felicia Rivers and Geechee One Films are set to

release their first full length project Treasure Box in Sept. of 2021 through

Maverick Entertainment’s distribution.

Watch Trap Flix Party now on Tubi.


Felicia Rivers



Introducing Mac Nova

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Get familiar with the Trade N Travel Academy


Get familiar with the Trade N Travel Academy!  The Trade N Travel Academy is a platform created and run by prominent investor / trader Zae Holmes and teaches brand new students and anyone interested in learning about trading foreign exchange markets, crypto currency, stocks, and Indices. Classes are weekly at night with a curriculum and schedule given to students through discord. Classes are hosted via zoom and cover Basics, Advanced, Fundamentals, Price Action and Mindset classes. The Trade N Travel Academy is the solution to trading and is being taught to students of all ages. Trade N Travel Academy’s goal is to graduate it’s students as successful independent traders. Although the niche is shrouded in scammers and false information, Trade N Travel creates and fosters a home for real people to learn from real educators and successful traders.  Learn more about the academy by visiting the patreon link below.  
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Shane Harris for all your tax needs


When it comes to filing taxes, many business owners and individuals often leave money on the table due to being completely clueless and unaware to what tasks, purchases, etc. are Tax deductible.  Luckily, Shane Harris and Associates are here to educate those on ways they can get the most back on their tax returns.  Shane Harris and Associates offers free consultation to help educate taxpayers on some of the things that they could be doing on a regular basis that are tax deductible.  Set up an appointment at the direct link below 
The deadline to file Taxes this year is May 17th, 2021 so you still have time!  If you are an independent contractor and work for companies such as Uber, Uber Eats, Door Dash, Wag, LyFt, etc. etc. you should certainly report your earnings!  Shane Harris can assist you!  
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MEME will be heatin up the streets this summer with new singles



Reppin Blytheville, Arkansas to the fullest, MEME is ready to take her place among industry greats. She fell in love with writing poetry as a child and it bloomed into a love for writing music.

She experienced her fair share of struggles and discovered putting it on paper was the perfect way to vent. Focused on her music she would later link with a production team, than management and the rest is history.

MEME is an established songwriter and Publisher through BMI Writing Society and you can find her on all major social media platforms @MEME.

Her current singles are “Big Booty Judy” and “Shake”



In 2020, the world experienced a string of unfortunate events from
multiple deaths and natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic
and everything in between.
Now in 2021, the world is starting to reopen, rebuild, and move
forward from the tragedies of the year prior. One of the many
ways individuals as well as businesses are repairing, improving,
and bouncing forward from last year’s setbacks is by rebranding
and reinventing themselves. To kick off the first quarter of 2021,
esteemed veteran songwriter, producer, and performer
Clayton Savage has released the perfect theme song to accompany
everyone’s rebuild, repair, and reopening phase. The uplifting and
inspirational song and video is titled “Numan” (combining the words
“new” and “man”), and once the listeners hear the song’s mesmerizing hook,
it will certainly have them feeling like a “brand new man”. The song’s
positive message, along with it’s upbeat and powerful instrumental
accompanied by Savage’s lyrics of optimism and rejuvenation all
combined are what make this incredible anthem the official soundtrack
for 2021’s rebuilding and reopening phase.
Clayton Savage “Numan”
Written by Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR
Edited by Author Lea Mishell
Contact Email:  dee@redkrecords.com
Press Contact Email:  Info@TheMediaBlast.net

Introducing Kula Voncille


Popular Virginia based emcee / lyricist, prominent businesswoman and all-around excellent performer Kula Voncille is preparing to take over the Spring and Summer months as her booming career has been heating up all through the Winter.  Earlier this year Kula Voncille blessed the world with several new songs and live shows alongside her beautiful band of sisters, the powerhouse supergroup Shady Bootz.  Through February, Kula Voncille has hosted several Pop-Up Shop Events throughout Virginia and surrounding areas to allow black owned businesses to flourish within the community and to introduce their products, services, and wares to more consumers in the market.  In March Kula Voncille made a huge impact with being honored during Women’s History Month in various web publications and esteemed, well respected blogs and websites such as Blacktopia, The Women of P.O.W.E.R. blog and The Worldwide Collaboration website just to name a few.  Recently, Kula Voncille has been the comedic and very entertaining host of several Hip-Hop Lip Sync Battles and Contests, and the strong, prominent every woman has no plans of slowing down now that the Spring months are coming up!!


Get in the know and stay updated on Kula Voncille’s next endeavors by following her on Instagram at @Kula_Voncille



Visit her official website at http://www.KulaVoncille.com



J-O Podcast to host rap battle Booka vs. Flip



Get ready for the biggest fight of 2021!  On March 31st you are all welcome to witness the soon to be legendary Rap Battle between two heavy weights in the Underground Hip Hop Battle Circuit, Booka Vs. Flip!  The battle will air live on the The J-0 Podcast, hosted by Jordan “J-0” Hunter himself.   Winner takes all, no holds barred!  Witness the two go head to head, verse to verse March 31st at 7 PM Eastern Sharp, exclusively on The J-0 Podcast available on The Anchor App. and Google Podcasts!  Be there

Stream the Rap Battle live on The J-0 Podcast available on the Anchor App and Google Podcasts!

Visit the official J-0 Podcast blog for more updates and information

Introducing Rising indie record label The House of Léon



Rising indie record label The House of Léon has major plans for the Spring!  The label currently comprises 3 rising pop singers, Alia a female vocalist, composer and producer, Nigerian Afro-pop performer Moonbwoi Epik and the label’s flagship artist and CEO Samuélli Léon have all been working on new material that they plan to release all throughout the upcoming months.
Alia’s current single “Carolina Chick” has been getting lots of spins on various podcasts and internet radio stations across the nation, and the success of her single landed her a featured spot in the prestigious on The Women of P.O.W.E.R blog.
Moonbwoi Epik’s latest ditty, “Halle” has been getting major support from DJs, bloggers, vloggers as well as prominent industry insiders.  Moonbwoi has been featured on many major media outlets throughout Africa and is currently making waves in the states as well.
Samuélli Léon continues to write and produce for various artists including his own signees, and has been enjoying the success of his new single “Light Skin, Dark Skin” which is a tribute to all beautiful women of all shades!
Visit the official promo blog for the label at the direct link below
Stream Music from The House of Leon on Spotify 
Samuelli Leon
Moonbwoi Epik