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Join William Starzz at Prayzfest in Atlanta July 17th, 2022

Christian hip hop employs lyrics with a pro-Christianity message in order to profess the performer’s faith, and often to attract new attention from potential converts. Rapper William Starzz is becoming one of the most influential artists in this genre.

William T Starzz has teamed up with Hope Sheree and is back with “Fading” after his previous break through single “Going In” received huge support from international FM broadcast band, online radio stations, and video streaming platforms. He has landed 8 gospel music awards and 13 nominations as his music has been placed on a multitude of large public Spotify user playlists.

“Fading” strikes with emotion from the first line. The song draws on heavy testimonials from his perspective life as a secular rap artist. The song gains intensity as it progresses and climaxes in a run of bars that should impress all. “Fading” evokes emotion lyrically through the protagonist’s feelings of overcoming by God.

It is the fourth single recorded by William T Starzz over the last two years. The song was produced by Le’Quan (IQ) Walsh and mastered by T-Rifik. Be sure and check him out in his Raine and Starrz show. He is quickly rising rising to the top as one of Christian Hip-Hop’s most influential artists! Join him in Atlanta on July 17th for the Prayzfm.com Prayzfest!

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Get familiar with DomTMO AKA Young Dom in our latest interview.



Supastars Online Magazine:  What’s good?  How are you feeling? 

DomTMO:  Amazing, can’t ever complain.  God let me wake up today so blessed to be here you know.


Supastars Online Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?  Who is DomTMO AKA Young Dom?

DomTMO:  Man a visionary, someone who doesn’t take no as an answer because nobody should tell the next person they can’t be whatever they want to be honestly!  Plus DomTMO is going to be the face that inspires the next person to get out there and make it happen without waiting for someone to put you on. That’s who I am!


Supastars Online Magazine:  How do you see your future as an artist?  Where do you see yourself in 2024 as far as a music career?  

DomTMO:  Man it’s so much more I want to do outside of music.  I have been at it for so long and developed a following of people who really believe in me so I do this more for them because I could have given up years ago but I’m still here.  In 2024 I hope to land a film role somewhere getting that Ludacris money .


Supastars Online Magazine:  Who are 4 artists that influence you the most when it comes to music?  

DomTMO:  Myself first and foremost, Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle ( RIP ), & Russ.



Supastars Online Magazine:  Aside from music, what else do you get into?

DomTMO:  I like to edit videos, I’m very hands on, I also have a home improvement business so I want to get into

flipping real estate.  Just want multiple streams of income.  Can’t just base this off of music until music is the main income.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What sets you apart from all the other artists out right now?

DomTMO:  My story!  Making the 6am news for illegal past activities stressing your family out, damn near died in a motorcycle crash which left me with these metal rods in my legs and still here to do this is a blessing. My recovery wasn’t no joke but god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.


Supastars Online Magazine:  You currently have a new single and video out right now titled “Road Runner”, could you tell the readers about the single and video?

DomTMO:  Roadrunner basically comes from the trappers lifestyle of getting to the money.  All day, guys or females cause they get to the bag too.  Rip and run up and down parkways highways getting to the money and that’s road running so that is where the idea came from to motivate them while they are in their car doing them.  The video could have been better with some animations of the cartoon road runner but we didn’t have someone to incorporate the character in it but I’m happy with it.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What else are you currently working on?

DomTMO:  I have some more singles I’m working on.  I have a show we just booked a venue for in June we are putting together so back to the drawing board to make a great night for the people to enjoy!

Supastars Online Magazine:  Is there anybody you would like to plug or shout out? 

DomTMO:  Of course shout out to my son Jace, pops loves you kiddo.  Shout out kR and Taylor for keeping my sword sharp out there on these tracks, shout-out Roc Nations for giving me a different look on business.  Shout out to the campaign family in Texas GP45 you up next boy and last but not least shout out God for what he has planned for me.



Supastars Online Magazine:  What else would you like the readers to know about yourself that we haven’t covered already?  

DomTMO:  I am really him ! DomTMO.com to get tapped in cause you ain’t gonna find another Dom again I swear #OnSiah


Listen to DomTMO’s “Road Runner” on Spotify


New Release From Mel Max

24 Karat Records artist Mel Max has been writing music since the age of 9 after being inspired listening to Bones Thug & Harmony and influenced by almost every Motown artist.

Mel is driven, focused and ready to take his career to the next level. The aspect of the music making process that excites him the most is just putting together logical thoughts like puzzle pieces and watching it all coming together like a great recipe.

The best piece of advice he followed was to never give up on your dreams, keep doing what you love most and watch it all work out.

Mel Max is back on the scene releasing another hit titled “Sleep Off Dreams On” #2 on Spinrilla which is just as captivating as “Sleep Off Dreams On” #1. Originally from Cleveland, Mel Max moved back to Atlanta to pursue his music career. “His latest release Sleep Off Dreams On 2” is garnering alot of attention nationwide. You can. Find his music streaming on Apple and Spotify.

IG: @melmaxc21


“Jessie Tylre Williams Drops Two New Hit Singles and Both Soar Up the iTunes Chart”


It’s to no surprise that national recording artist and chart-topper, Jessie Tylre Williams was going to bring the world yet another hit to start the new year out with a bang. But she surprised us all with two! The first one was her original single titled, “Don’t Let Me Down” whereupon its release soared the iTunes Country chart landing at number 88.

From powerfully felt lyrics to the delivery of surrealness in every word, this song is relatable in more ways than one that you’ll just have to click play to understand.

The REMIX of “Don’t Let Me Down” comes with the same message, but more of an up-tempo to the production, and with its rise to Top 100 on the iTunes Pop chart, landing at number 52, it’s safe to say that her fans loved this version as well.

Click the Spotify link  below

Now, through an honest attempt to connect to her fans via her own vulnerability from a massively intimate space, Jessie recently did an interview on Vigilantes Radio, where she speaks on her purpose and reasoning behind writing the song. She explains how her desperation and despair forced her to nearly crawl her way out of the pits of hell in order to survive the turmoil her life had resorted to. From being homeless to drug addiction, her life was nearly leaning on its last straw. She then goes on to share how through her helplessness and strength combined, eventually, she found the will to survive and today stands strong as a recovering, ongoing success story. Tune in to hear more via iHeart Radio.

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Legendary Memphis Tennessee underground rap music artist and indie music scene powerhouse Big Pap tha Mic Killa (Patrick Hayes) has released his latest full length project titled after his alias “Tha Mic Killa”!



Legendary Memphis Tennessee underground rap music artist and indie music scene powerhouse Big Pap tha Mic Killa (Patrick Hayes) has released his latest full length project titled after his alias “Tha Mic Killa”

The new project Tha Mic Killa is available to stream on all platforms and here on Waka Flocka’s Supastars Online Magazine we have it available for streaming on the YouTube Playlist above.


1. Everything Working (Street Version)

2. In and Out

3. Banana (Street Version)

4. Do The Dishes (Street Version)

5. Straight 2 Da Bagg (Street Version)

6. Right Now (featuring Pressha P.)

7. Press Play (featuring Rob North)

8. Bounce It X Big Pap Thha Mickilla

9. Fatboy (Street Version)

The album is also available on various other streaming platforms as well such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

Big Pap is one of the driving forces behind the modern era underground rap music scene in South Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up with 3 siblings (all boys) in the heart of South Memphis has taught him a lot. Big Pap also known as Tha MicKilla has been recording and releasing music professionally since 1999. Although Big Pap has a signature music style all of his own, he was heavily influenced by legendary artists such as Scarface, Biggie, The Dayton Family, 36 Mafia, Jeezy, Gucci and many more! Although Big Pap has been releasing music for years, his first independent mixtape titled Swagg Muzik was released in 2012 which gained the rising artist a lot of recognition by fans, critics, and tastemakers around the area. Pap currently has 5 studio albums under his belt and has worked with many other greats in the Southeast music industry such as Zed Zilla, Blac, Youngsta, Drumma Boy, Big Scar, and a long list of others.

Big Pap has spent a lot of time in and out of jail, but now the gifted recording artist has put the street life behind him, focusing on his business and family life being that he is married and the father of 6 children. Big Pap has his own label Blu Money Muzik and has a partnership with Sony Orchard / Diamond Production.



Pap Hayes – 901-283-4832








Supastars Online Magazine is proud to present rising indie New York Hip Hop recording artist and prominent businessman Ya Boi L.I.V.E.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What’s good?  How are you feeling?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  What up what up!  Everything good Ya Boi L.I.V.E in da building reppin’ that NbdbEnt. Feeling fresh everything Gucci on this Side thanks 4 asking!
Supastars Online Magazine:  You have your hands in many business ventures, could you tell our readers a little about all the other things you are into besides music?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  I have a radio show/podcast called TracHouseRadio where we interview artists of all genres of music as well as business owners, authors, chefs, clothing designers etc.
We feel at TracHouse there are different levels of success whether you are just starting out or been on a roll for ten years, so we provide a platform for people to tell their story no matter what level they are on with music always being the underlying tone. 
I also have a sportswear company called DaVille Clothing which started off with just t shirts and hats but we are expanding this year to a fall/winter collection as well as custom made to order one off colors & designs and last, but not least NbdbRealty which is the real estate side of things where we focus on rebuilding properties in run down areas to help

those areas become more prosperous ..
Supastars Online Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years as a businessman?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  The next 5 years I will see growth & expansion across the board for all the businesses as well as the start up of a few new ventures.
Supastars Online Magazine:  Who are 4 people that influence you the most when it comes to business and why?  
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  Diddy because of his determination & work ethic.
Yo Gotti because of his ability to spot talent, his success record as an artist/ceo who puts out other artists is one of the best.
Master P because of his longevity, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit.  Tyler Perry for empowering minorities in film & creating an empire from scratch 
Supastars Online Magazine:  Let’s get on to the music, how long have you been making music?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  I’ve been making music for over 10 years.
Supastars Online Magazine:  What

sets you apart from all the other artists out right now?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  My style and flow are original.  Yea I can copy other flow patterns, but my style is straight up and unpredictable at the same time.
Supastars Online Magazine:  You currently have a single out now titled “What Up B**ch”, how would you describe that single?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  What Up Bitch is a single off my latest project IwasBorn2bSeen.  It’s a fun, sexy, energy driven type of vibe.  The record and video match up perfect.  You gotta see it its fire!  We are streaming on all platforms!  Tap in!  The first verse I speak on the type of woman that may be considered a Bitch.  During the second verse I explain why I chose to use the word and during the third verse I sprinkle in some jewels pertaining to society’s social ills all the while showcasing my flow & wordplay throughout.
Supastars Online Magazine:  As an artist, what else are you currently working on?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  I’m working on something a lil different.  I like to call a visual mixtape idea.  Follow for more details on that and more @Livewire631 
Supastars Online Magazine:  What plans do you have for your music for 2022?
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.: I got a new solo and a group project in the

works as well as some new music from other artists on NBDB like Jay Jose & Marcus Taylor.
Supastars Online Magazine:  What else would you like the readers to know about yourself that we haven’t covered already?  
Ya Boi L.I.V.E.:  Thanks to you guys for taking the time to take the time.  I appreciate it!  Make sure to stay in tune with me 
Subscribe to my youtube channels:
 Ya Boi L.I.V.E     &   NbdbTv
 Ig – @Livewire631 @TracHouseRadio 
Website – Www.631Live.com

Learn about Alaiyo Waistbeads

It’s more to waist beads than their beauty, and goes beyond being just a trendy, fashionable accessory to enhance one’s physical appearance. Wearing waist beads has been an ancient African custom and practice that has been passed and handed down from old generations to newer generations for many centuries.  Wearing Waist beads symbolizes femininity, sensuality, fertility, and spiritual well-being.  Alaiyo Waistbeads and the brands’ owner Jasai Madden is extremely knowledgeable about the history, benefits and intrinsic value of Waist Beads and its use and has applied that knowledge to present an enhanced yet upscale / stylish version of what our African ancestors wore.  Alaiyo Waistbeads is an ancient practice but for the modern girl.  Learn about Alaiyo Waistbeads by visiting their official website at http://www.Alaiyo.net

Alaiyo Waistbeads also works directly with clients to give voice to the energies they would like to amplify and then create custom strands that will work with them.

Alaiyo strands are inspired by nature; expressing animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities. Each strand holds within it vibrations which solicit the manifesting power of the Great Mother. These vibrations help remind and navigate us towards getting our needs met. When placed at the solar plexus, the

strands assist us on our journey to embody confidence and strength from the place where our outward, engaging, creativity and ego meet. This orbit of our belly center resonates with an uncommon power when we set intentions and tie them there.



Cheryl Gorman of Epiphany Soaps and Blends talks about her brand, and business. She discusses the history of soap making, it’s importance and giving back to the Haitian community.


Natural soap making has become one of my favorite hobbies. After visiting Haiti as a missionary for many years and witnessing how soap was made, it then became a passion. I started this craft at home and combined years as a registered nurse and a holistic advocate to incorporate medicinal benefits. My family has come from many generations of soap makers. In the south, African Americans had to produce their own soap from ash. Epiphany soap can be customized and designed to fit your every need, thanks to the many plants and vegetables that provide natural oils and fragrances to keep our skin nourished and free of harsh chemicals. Some of the oils are diffused from the sun and incorporated into the soaps. The vegetable and citrus soaps are created from blended and pureed ingredients that have matured in the essential oils for several days then instilled into the soap to give its accented fragrance. The soaps are then poured into wooden molds and allowed to mature for 24 to 48 hours. The hardened soap is then removed from the mold and exposed to air to mature for 4 – 6 weeks. After maturity, the soap is hand packaged and ready to deliver.


Thank you to my family and nursing coworkers for being supportive and a big help.

A portion of all proceeds will go towards the people of Haiti.

Organic Soaps and Essential Oils – Epiphany Soaps And Blends


Introducing E Legendz


E Legendz is a social media/music sharing platform that’s like no other. It provides a stage for
musicians who specialize in alternate rock, country, rock & roll, hip hop, pop, jazz, gospel, soul and reggae. It’s also beneficial to music producers, record labels, and, in the near future, music
video producers. What makes E Legendz so unique in the independent music industry is any
musician can either upload their videos or, if they have a YouTube channel with their music,
they can copy their YouTube link and the video will play.

When uploading a video or sharing the link, users can choose to tag other users that helped make the song or are featured in the song’s
video by simply putting the “at sign” (@), and the user’s name if they are on the platform. If you
add a user to your video, it will also display on their profile as well as yours. This will give you
recognition and other users a chance to potentially work with other artists, producers, and labels.
For those saying that YouTube has more people on that platform, that’s correct. However,
YouTube is not
 made particularly for music makers and your potential fans have to maneuver
through all other non-music videos. E Legendz gives users a list of choices on sign-up so they
can pick what types of music they like. This means they will not have to see music they don’t
particularly prefer, and this can be updated on the user’s profile at any time.

Currently, users with the most views in a certain region of the United States will be selected and showcased on the Champions Page. This will be along with their song that got the most views at

the beginning of every month. There will be a champion in the North, South, Midwest, and West in each category. For future contests like this, E Legendz hopes to have a cash prize for the top performer in each category. Any winner will then have the opportunity to spend that money on making more content in the music industry.

Visit the Official Website:  www.ELegendz.net

Ieva Buko Breaks the Grass Ceiling in Europe with a Cannabis Concept Boutique

With the Cannabis Industry´s undeniable potential still far from fulfilled Ieva Buko is demonstrated to be a protagonist in the scene opening The Green Boutique. The Green Boutique is a luxury cannabis ¨members only¨ boutique in Barcelona, but it´s far from what you have experienced before, if you are in to cannabis.

The Green Boutique, located in a prime location within the centre of Barcelona, is an avantgarde concept store where cannabis meets music, fashion, art and entertainment to create an experience for its members that they will always remember.

Interior design reflects opulence and comfort. It´s a cosy, safe and very social environment where the client can consume cannabis but socialize at the same time; it´s about making connections for a lifetime. Client oriented trained staff delivers the highest quality service, and obviously the highest quality product, to add to the green experience. The Green Boutique is quality of quantity. Events are key to keep the members informed about trends, music, products, world matters and innovations. It´s a place where members can spike their creativity.

Ieva Buko, with her clientele, breaks the stereotypes of the industry. The persona of the typical cannabis user has changed. In todays cannabis industry the clientele is highly educated, working in top notch jobs. They are simply interested in cannabis because they have discovered the benefits of the plant, nourishing their wellbeing, improving their work ethics, improving their creativity and in general improving the quality of life. There are numerous studies that confirm increased productivity and creativity.

When Ieva opened The Green Boutique back in 2019 she felt that the cannabis world needed something new, something that has not been done before. Studying the industry for many years, she felt that nothing represented the full power of the plant in a creative and connecting setting that represented the modern cannabis consumer. The Green Boutique connects the power of the plant with music, art and entertainment.

Now in 2021 after the challenging pandemic, The Green Boutique became a statement cannabis member boutique in Europe. Ieva is proud but this is only the start of much more to come. The goal is to become an international leading cannabis brand once the legal frame permit arrives, to create a variety of products in ways you won´t expect. Is this the proof that the cannabis industry needs a female touch?

About Ieva Buko 

Ieva Buko, originally from Lithuania, lived in London and The Netherlands. Currently she resides in Barcelona, Spain and she is a loving mother and wife. She graduated in International Business Management and Marketing and Commercial Law (UK). This lady in the ´little green dress´ is determined and driven by success. 

Today she successfully runs the international praised The Green Boutique and she was recently appointed as the official manager of Frankie Biggz. Frankie Biggz is an international Grammy Awards winner, Record Producer, Songwriter, Musician and DJ.


The Green Boutique