Tha Native

Tha Native Has Set The Bar High With SIngle “Whatcha Wanna Do” feat. Tech N9ne

Tha Native should definitely be on your radar if you’re even minutely in tune with the pulse of the music industry. Well known nationwide for his high-caliber hip hop, hot new music video and Billboard top 10 single, Tha Native is poised to take Native American Hip Hop to another level – straight to  the top.
Those who enjoy a lyrical, metaphorical, hard to immediately grasp writer, may deem his single “Whatcha Wanna Do” feat Tech N9ne  a potential notebook classic.
Tha Native’s Musical journey began like many others; Playing bars and clubs around southern California, frequenting large festivals and hip hop events – trying to spread his  message. Tha Native is a volume of musical tastes and experiences – He draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical influences, from country crooners to hip hop legends, and this is  evident in his music. After multiple successful nationwide tours – with both his rock band Dog Faced Gods and his Hip Hop expertise – Tha Native is ready to take the next step and claim  his place at the top of the charts.  It’s not often you come across a person with such a broad scope of talent. A person so naturally endowed with every component necessary to be instantly thrust among the elite in his craft.
Hailing from the San Manuel Indian Reservation in sunny southern California, Tha Native is keen to remember his roots – and celebrate them. The homelands of the San Manuel Band of  Serrano Mission Indians has shaped their culture, traditions and present lives. The people at the San Manuel reservation are the indigenous people of the San Bernardino highlands,  passes, valleys, and mountains who the Spaniards collectively called the Serrano, a term meaning highlander. The Serrano looked to nature and the land to provide the necessities of life  including shelter, clothing, food and plants used for medicine.
Bucking trends and paving his own way, Tha Native balances his own worldviews with those of his ancestry, and his musical expressions are a powerful reminder of a long journey. Touring with acts like Tech N9ne and Kottonmouth Kings, and playing large festivals like the Smokeout and Rock the Bells, Tha Native is prepared to make his ascent and join the ranks  of hip hop elite – all the while honoring and remembering where he came from.  If anyone is prepared to champion Native American Hip Hop and elevate it to a new level, it is him;