Getting to know producer Douglas Richardson

In a world of cookie cutter rap and formulated music it is refreshing to stumble upon raw talent such as Douglas Richardson. Richardson is a downtempo Hip Hop/R&B producer that has truly embraced his craft. His style is down tempo piano melodies layered over chords and boom bap drums.

Some of his influences include Tory Lanez, Weeknd, Partynextdoor, and Bryson Tiller. He just completed his first Beatpack and his working on his sencond.
Understanding the importance of the business side of things Douglas is currently searching to create a powerhouse team for his music. I recently checked out a couple of his tracks.

Amazing Grace is a track with a futuristic feel woth a smooth melodic 90’s R&B feel. This track is the perfect blend with hypnotic beats and a unique style.

Betrayal will satisfy the ears of the most discerning music listeners. It has a chill, laid back flow that anyone would enjoy.

I gotta tell you, Douglas Richardson is certainly setting the bar high for other upcoming producers. His instrumentals are unique and captivating. He is definitely going to become one of the greats for this era!

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Surviving a near fatal car crash R&B singer Gio aka Governor is back stronger than ever with new releases!



Known and respected from his days and affiliations with Atlantic Records, 50Cent, Dr. Dre, or T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint Gio, (aka Governor) is back stronger than ever. He has an impressive discography that includes three studio albums and he is a Billboard charting singer/songwriter. His music has been heard on several movie soundtracks including Tyler Perry’s “Daddy’s Little Girls,” and more recently the single, “Favorite Pillow,” was featured in the Movie DEUCES, starring Meagan Good & Lorenz Tate.


With a smooth, melodic voice he truly embraces the essence of R&B that so many fans yearn for today. 50Cent once said that Washington was “extremely talented” and that “he is about to blow.” However, life had other plans, and a detour or two. Despite those obstacles, Gio is back and impacting R&B with his latest song, “I Give You Me.” Gio officially released “I Give You Me,” on June 14th of this year. “Favorite Pillow,” is next,  and a full album will follow later this year. When asked what is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed? And one you didn’t follow, but now know for sure that you should have he replied, “The best advice I followed was knowing that every craft requires tools! I try my best to have ownership or at least part in all aspects from my microphone to my tracks. I have input in everything because I need a piece of all I interact with! The one lesson I learned the hard way was TRUST! Now, I don’t trust anyone. I don’t need new friends. I just want to do good business!”


From a small county called Charles City, Va he has been pursuing his passion for music for over a decade. His musical influences include Marvin Gaye, Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Teena Marie and many more!  With a truly magnetic personality and stage presence he has garnered fans worldwide.

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Clearwater Florida’s Hidden Gem Lee Jones!

Who would’ve ever thought  Clearwater Florida would have such very talented and gifted Musician, Singer, Song writer, Music Producer and Vocal Coach. It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Lee Jones known as Lee J. I am a native of Clearwater, Florida, 46 years old born and raised. I am happily married with a beautiful loving family of 6. I started to notice I have a passion for music at about age 6 starting in the church now specializing in ballads better known for being a balladeer. I am grateful to be able to write my own original songs and play all the musical instruments.

Being that I’m from such a small city, I was honored to work as a producer for a gentleman by the names of Tony Mercedes and B-Rock who worked for Laface Records ,Arista, Atlantic and Big Beat 1990 through 2000.
Just to give you a few artist’s I had the honor to produce music for; Toni Braxton Remix “Love me some him”, The late TLC. “Water Falls” Remix, Outcast “Wheels of Steel” Remix, “Lenny Williams” Remix “Star Light”. Certainly there are more.

Prior to being a High School football All American, right out of High School, I was nominated one of the best Jazz musicians in Pinellas for which I received a scholarship. I had an offer for Berkley University Boston but my 1st born child was born so I stayed in Clearwater to work so I could be close to her.
I decided to start a solo career which I have waited patiently for my opportunity to shine!
For sure, “I’m ready”!
“ I believe”,” God allows us to go through life’s challenges but if we stay strong and NEVER stop believing in our dreams and ourselves, we will accomplish anything we desire. Be on the look out for his new album “Diary Of A Confused Man”

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Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leej-s-music-business

Email: leejonesjrctl@yahoo.com

SUPA STARS Certified | Queen of Kings | @SupaStarsMag

 We aren’t shy about our vision and goal of being the # 1 duo in the world. To sum it up, Queen of Kings represents us standing above and being different than anyone or anything else out there…a queen among kings.

1) I’ve discovered Queen of Kings last year 2016, around the holiday season. How long have QK been in the industry?  Introduce yourselves.

Sirena is the lead singer and my name is Auggie Del Rey…the outlaw who accompanies her.

We have been doing music both individually since we were kids. We also have been in other bands together. We started QK almost 3 years ago in Texas right before we moved to LA.

2)  I only expose the best and most unique talent.  Queen of Kings,  what’s the origin of your stage name?

We did a lot of soul searching at the end of our last band. We knew our time was up with that band and brand. We needed something fresh, something that we felt could be huge, and something I could see in the big lights. So I literally closed my eyes one day, after listing several names for consideration, and I could clearly see “Queen of Kings” in big letters and in big lights on huge stages around the world. We aren’t shy about our vision and goal of being the # 1 duo in the world. To sum it up, Queen of Kings represents us standing above and being different than anyone or anything else out there…a queen among kings.

3) Listening close, I hear 90s influence, your sound is definitely seasoned.  Who is responsible for the fresh sounds of QK? Your influences?

That’s for sure! We collaborate when it comes to the creation of songs and again, it always comes back to the feel…can I feel what we are singing and playing? I bring a little more of the extensive catalog of musical history. Because I have studied and loved all sorts of music…from rock, metal, R&B, pop, etc.

Sirena is definitely influenced by Selena…I mean, come on…we are from Texas and she still is the Queen of Tejano music! And I also love Selena…I know all her songs and still jam them today. Sirena also loves the big voices of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and the work ethic of Jennifer Lopez.

I am influenced by Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and anything that will make me stop. I am not that guy that will hate on the newer music because I want to always learn and I want to always be able to touch my audience.

4) Let’s name drop, who have you collaborated with and or opened for?

To be honest, we have been the underdog for some time now, but we don’t give a fuck! IT energizes us more to play with more passion and write better songs. We have been involved in projects with Neyo, Common, Snoop Dogg, and several demos with Universal & Paramount. At the end of the day, we view ourselves as being equals to those artists. Meaning, we have the utmost respect, but are expecting to be at that level soon.

5) Tell the readers about your latest project? Where’s it available?

Killin’ Me is a song that deals with the perspective of a girl, but can also be applied to anyone in a relationship that has had enough. The title is a sarcastic feeling of, “Really?! You went and did that? You’re killin’ me and I am done!” We released it in late October and it has been pushing us forward and has given us even more momentum. This talk about “over night” is bullshit because we have been at this for years and are grateful now to be seeing the progress.

6) What’s next for Queen of Kings in 2017? I see a QK and Recording Artist Covan collaboration ; )

We are actually in the studio now working on another song titled “Alabama”. We are VERY excited about this project because just as with each other release, we push our boundaries and strive to create something that will capture the emotions of the song. We are also continuing to play shows here in Hollywood because our fan base is growing. I will also add that it is not only growing, but we are acquiring crazy and passionate people that love us and our music. We refer to them as our family, our QK Family! And THAT is what is separating us from the rest of the fakes here…that our fans will out-passion anyone!


Give me something exclusive, something that you want to share with the industry and fans.

Our goal when we moved to LA 2 years ago was to grow, get on a label, grow our brand, and tour the world. We are very close to attaining that vision and are excited about it. We take no days off and we know our purpose.

We are humbled by the love and support and we are using that as fuel to bring music that can last the test of time. Exclusive? Our readers, watchers, lovers, outlaws,supporters, and family are what makes this exclusive…that’s what’s important to us!

Auggie Del Rey
We Are Family

Welcome to the Movement