Lee Jones

Clearwater Florida’s Hidden Gem Lee Jones!

Who would’ve ever thought  Clearwater Florida would have such very talented and gifted Musician, Singer, Song writer, Music Producer and Vocal Coach. It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Lee Jones known as Lee J. I am a native of Clearwater, Florida, 46 years old born and raised. I am happily married with a beautiful loving family of 6. I started to notice I have a passion for music at about age 6 starting in the church now specializing in ballads better known for being a balladeer. I am grateful to be able to write my own original songs and play all the musical instruments.

Being that I’m from such a small city, I was honored to work as a producer for a gentleman by the names of Tony Mercedes and B-Rock who worked for Laface Records ,Arista, Atlantic and Big Beat 1990 through 2000.
Just to give you a few artist’s I had the honor to produce music for; Toni Braxton Remix “Love me some him”, The late TLC. “Water Falls” Remix, Outcast “Wheels of Steel” Remix, “Lenny Williams” Remix “Star Light”. Certainly there are more.

Prior to being a High School football All American, right out of High School, I was nominated one of the best Jazz musicians in Pinellas for which I received a scholarship. I had an offer for Berkley University Boston but my 1st born child was born so I stayed in Clearwater to work so I could be close to her.
I decided to start a solo career which I have waited patiently for my opportunity to shine!
For sure, “I’m ready”!
“ I believe”,” God allows us to go through life’s challenges but if we stay strong and NEVER stop believing in our dreams and ourselves, we will accomplish anything we desire. Be on the look out for his new album “Diary Of A Confused Man”

Contact info: 

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leej-s-music-business

Email: leejonesjrctl@yahoo.com