Juan Ortiz

A rising star out of Jersey City, NJ!! Juan Ortiz on the road to stardom!!

Talented and determined to make his place in the oversaturated world of acting,
Juan Ortiz is making a name for himself. Born September 9th 1987 in Jersey City, New Jersey his interest in acting and film started at a young age inspired by watching tv shows and movies.  Juan soon got his first taste of acting in 2005 at the age of 17  in a film called Van Vorst Park soon after he worked and dedicated his time and energy into perfecting his craft.  Juan has worked on tv shows like Tattoo Nightmares for Spike TV, Investigation Discovery TV, independent films like Van Vorst Park and The Holy Cross. Juan has also starred on TV web series The Serpent where he plays a mad man on a mission to take over some Jamaica drug lords business.