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KTek Drops Controversial New Single “F–K Trump” Guaranteed To Get People Talking


Over 21 years in the game as an artist, producer and audio engineer KTek has never been afraid to speak his mind.  His writing and delivery style is much like the tracks he’s made; unique, captivating, and guaranteed to make listeners talk. His first single, “Fuck Trump”, which says what many people are thinking, is predicted to become an instant hit. He fearlessly speaks from the heart on this controversial single. He discovered his passion for music at a young age the moment his mother bought him a Sony tape player. He took advantage of the recording capabilities of the gift and his love of music to entertain his friends by creating custom made mix tapes he sold to friends. His tapes were so well-received he was invited to DJ at local parties. He knew he would never want to do anything else but a career in music. Hefound himself inspired by legendary artists such as The Art of Noise, Michael Jackson, Sting, Phil Collins, Seal, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, J-Dilla, Bass 305, Tekmaster P.E.B, DJ Magic Mike, and Eric B and Rakim.


His infectious non-traditional sounds and recording methods mixed with the elements of human sound, orchestral, and electronic pads and keys have become the components of his one-of-a-kind sound. He has garnered respect from some of the most discerning listeners. His passion for music drove him to build an in-house studio in which the following six years he recorded independent artists in his living room. In 2015, KTEK moved from the living room to a studio where The Grind Factory was born. Since then, hundreds of artists have come through the doors in search of his unique sound and production. Many of his tracks have been used by true independent artists and requested by music directors for commercial catalogs, audio books, and other producers and engineers. You can catch him performing at A3C in October and at various venues in Atlanta.

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