Todd Engle a.k.a. The White Brutha Born in San Antonio, Texas

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Todd Engle a.k.a. The White Brutha started out on a country music radio station while he was in elementary school. The station was KTAE 1260 AM. On specific Saturday mornings, Engle would handle 30 minute segments of news for the station and most listeners werent even aware he was only in the 6th grade, 11years old. This was an ongoing activity until high school. As a Senior, he became interested in the local R&B show hosted by the late Rodney J and volunteered to sit in with Rodney and became a staple on his show known as “Dr. Todd”. When the show ended its run in the early 90’s, Engle continued to stay involved in R&B/Hip Hop music by writing music, being in a rap group, and learning about the music business.
In 1994, he became a part of KAZI 88.7 FM,as The White Brutha and could be heard overnights playing the latest jazz, R&B, and hip hop from 3am-6am early mornings on different days of the week. In 1996, he started the Texas Artist Showcase which was a one hour show premiering local artists from around the Austin area. By 2000, the show had grown into a late night Saturday shift from 12am-3am and during this timeslot was the birth of the Texas Artist Top 40 Countdown. By 2003, it changed to the Top 20 Countdown and was more competitive as artists from all over Texas fought for the number one spot on the show. Some of the artists to be heard for the first time on the show was CKC, NOOK, Mirage, Lil Black, MC Fatal, Flo Mob, Smackola, Lil Troy, Trae, and a whole lot more.
After establishing a mobile DJ service,an independent label (Insanely Gifted Entertainment), and a professional studio currently known as Wongkaville Studios, he started throwing live shows in 2012 at various venues such as Headhunters, Lucky Lounge, and Love Goat. He has also been a judge at various music conferences, talent contests, Juneteenth celebrations etc…
He currently is involved with artist management, production, and the Weekly Texas Artist Top 20 Countdown, which can be heard nationwide on every Monday night at 8pm. He is also designated as the Hip Hop Music Coordinator at KAZI 88.7 FM.
Still primarily supporting Texas artists, the focus of the White Brutha and the Texas Artist Showcase is to provide an outlet in which ALL Texas artists can be heard and promoted properly.
2016 marks the 20th year anniversary of the Texas Artist Showcase and the show remains to be a staple on the Austin Hip Hop music scene.
“Some may deny me, and some may overlook me, but the fact will always remain that I started the countdown on my own. As a big fan of Casey Kasem in the 80s, the thought of being number one always fascinated me. And when I see the positive impact the countdown has on any Texas artist, it makes it all worthwhile. It makes me feel like I am doing my job in helping their career go to the next level”- …..quote from The White Brutha