Tiana a.k.a. La Lobita born in the tropical island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, raised half of her life in Kentucky

Tiana a.k.a. La Lobita is 31 years old, and a proud mother of 3!

She was born in the tropical island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, raised half of her life in Kentucky, and is now residing in the great state of Texas!  Culturally blended with Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Native American, Italian, and French, gives her &uniqueness& which is immediately recognized by photographers.  She first began modeling 3 years ago, thanks to Mike Paul, who had given her the first chance to be in the industry. Since then, Tiana’s modeling career has taken off in many positive directions.

Influenced by her Father’s family morals, she also endures these great qualities, which is the #1 motivation and inspiration to her overall aspect in any opportunity given. Appreciating the beauty of nature, she loves spending time outdoors, is a huge animal lover, and finds interest in just about anything that makes life enjoyable and fun! She despises being a boring person and tries her best to implement excitement and culture into her children’s lives as well, in hopes that they develop the same appreciation. Having such respect for racial diversity, she embeds her entire life’s cultures into her everyday routine to keep traditions and morals alive.

Although she isn’t the &typical model &, she certainly has headed in a positive direction with her career from  representing F.A.E as their cheif model, promoting for numerous of  spirits and organizations, background in Hula,Tahitian, Fancy shall, and just being in front of the camera she feels all of the above comes to play in being able to show and express art in different forms that the people will appreciate and see the cultural essence when looking at her photos J.