The Infectious Sounds Of “Reckless For Love”

A revolution of spirit and mind the Pop-Rock duo Reckless For Love is garnering fans worldwide. The duo met on Youtube in 2013.  Simon (from UK) sings and plays guitar and Tony (from Maine, USA) plays guitar, bass, drums, and composes for the band. For the longest time Simon had lived in the UK while Tony lived in Alabama. It was hard to do shows together but they did manage to write songs and record over the web to share their stories.

In 2017 the band signed a year distribution deal with Bentley Records just after the release of their EP “Keep looking up.” That same year they were featured every Sunday night on a Cumulus station based out of Montgomery, Alabama (95.1 the Fox) for a new music segment.

Focused and driven for success in 2018 the band signed a new distribution with the help of Universal Music.

Simon is now living in the US and the future is looking bright with the band forming their own label and their new manager at the ready. Always working to perfect their craft they have found the perfect recipe to fuse Pop with Rock, balancing the commercial element but still staying true to their underground roots. These guys have big plans for the future so don’t miss a beat!