Robby The Elf Drops Hot New Video “The Holiday Craze”

The Holidays are a time for giving; and nobody knows that better than Robby The Elf. Years serving as Santa’s go-to man and chimney cohort, North Pole’s head helper set aside sleigh maintenance and reindeer games when the Claus organization heard his demos. Blown away, Kris Kringle ordered he step down as gift wrapper to become a real rapper, leading to the creation of a new musical genre dubbed Christmas Crunk. But being the world’s first elf MC hasn’t come without its challenges. And in the constant face of humbugs and grinches, Robby has learned an important lesson: that the best gifts to give during the Holidays are ones of hope and love. He learned that back in 2005 when he officially became Robby The Elf. He explains, “I had become homeless again that December. I knew I was going to be lonely and depres holidays. But other people go through that too, I thought. So what can I do based on my talents that can help them? I decided on Robby The Elf because elves help during the holidays. No one knows much about elves. Santa gets a lot of credit but it takes teamwork. With the current state of music today, and all the hate, I wanted to give a little good.”
That’s why positivity is the secret weapon in Robby The Elf’s musical arsenal. Without it he wouldn’t have been able to prevail over homelessness and survive cancer – and so he’s spreading the word of its unlimited healing power with holiday originals like “Magic From Elves,” (his first song ever recorded that landed at #1 on the charts) and the rest of his 2008 debut album The King of Christmas Crunk.
His 2011 record The Meaning of Christmas had seven songs that also spoke of good vibes, while raising awareness about the importance of elves. Since then he’s released a pair of singles for those who hate the holidays and those who are just haters – “Kris Kringle” and “Don’t Be No Scrooge.” “I realize that the holidays are not always jolly and jingle bells,” he says. “It brings sadness as well. I merely desire to help those less fortunate. That’s what Christ did and Saint Nicholas also. I d Robby The Elf lives in Upstate South Carolina where he continually records new material. He can be spotted year-round on television talk shows, at church and charity events, or performing at local music venues.