Repping Ohio To The Fullest, Garnering National Attention Meet “Kvng Shad”

At the tender age of 17 Kvng Shad is garnering attention nationwide as a upcoming, next to blow rap artist from Columbus Ohio. He is known for his original and unique song content and production. With over a quarter of a million plays on SoundCloud and over 100,000 on YouTube he is pleasing the ears of the most discerning music fans! His song Lifestyle alone has over a 101k plays on SoundCloud.
Kvng has performed at various shows and inspires other aspiring rappers to unite and represent Ohio in the industry. He had the honor of being Nominated for the Ohio’s Next Up award in 2017 and is endorsed by Trippie Redd another upcoming artist from Ohio. Kvng looks to the future and the future for him looks very bright as he creates a new wave and possibly a new genre unique within itself. Even though he is young he has the energy and drive of a seasoned rap veteran! His style has been referred to as Alternative Rap so take a listen to his music and enjoy!
To learn more about Kvng Shad visit his social media outlets:
Twitter: Iamkvngshad
Instagram: @Kvngshad
Facebook: Kvng Shad (personal page), KVNG SHAD (fanpage)
SoundCloud:                                                                  YouTube: Official Kvng Shad