Raymond Dickerson, The Mind Behind The Music



Raymond (Ray Charles) C. Dickerson, a retired US Army officer. He is not only a artist but has passion and love for his family, friends and the community. Raymond has the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet. He is definitely in a lane of his own setting the bar high for other entertainers.

Although he traveled the world in the military he still calls Thibodaux, Louisiana where he grew up home. He was always encouraged to maintain high moral standards and work ethics by his parents and it shows in his music.

They also taught him to keep the spirit of God in the forefront and to walk in the light of his word. Once you place your faith in God, and he becomes the leader of your life and your reward in the end will be “success”.

A true role model, Colonel Dickerson has a high degree of compassion, conviction and commitment to many social and charitable causes such as St. Jude’s Children Hospital, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights as well as his support for many military family programs. His passion for people and loyalty to the community has inspired him to develop, write and produce his current project.

“Command and Control” is a set of principals used to guide us through everyday life using God’s spirit as our source of energy. Colonel Dickerson is the first African American to own a well-known and established record label; as well as a recording and production company in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

In an effort to motivate and inform others, as well as, support and give back to the community, Colonel Dickerson was inspired to write and produce “Epiphany.” Songs on this CD are sung by vocalists, Andrea Rhodes, Pam Lyles, Hilda Lamas, Evelyn Ballard and Pam Bowman and engineering assistance from Fred Nations, Mike Snabble, Pershing Wells, Steve Wilson and Steve Cheeks.

The “Epiphany” CD is laced with smooth jazz, inspirational ballads, soulful solos and driving rhythms. The songs on the CD are based on the life events and experiences that produced a greater sense of enlightenment to Ray.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the CD “Epiphany” will be divided between the aforementioned charitable organizations.

“Epiphany”, is satisfied the ears of the most discerning music listeners worldwide.

He is currently promoting and encouraging fans to listen to his single “Dixie” which is a conscious song revealing the cultural injustices in the south that still exist to this day, propagandized for political and economical gain.

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