RAE MILLZ, remember the name!


Newly signed Rich Nation Record Label artist RAE MILLZ has nowhere to go but up! Growing up he was inspired by many artist from different genres and generations. From the baritone of Sam Cook to the melodies of Luther Vandross to the country of Randy Travis it has all influenced his music. Even today’s artist like Usher and Sam Smith inspire him. His style is described as R&B/Soul with a twist of Pop and Hip Hop. His versatility is unmatched.

His father cultivated his love of music at a young age he also found a love for instruments namely the piano and drums. As a teen he started playing drums for various churches in central Virginia. Music is in his blood. He discovered he has relatives in the music industry like Jeff Redd who performed new jack swing style R&B in the 90’s and the late great Thelonious Monk who was a jazz singer and composer. RAE MILLZ is focused and energetic with a magnetic stage presence. You can expect him to be in the game for years to come.