Pusha Preme, A Man Of Many Talents!

Pusha Preme blends his inter-city heritage and creative imagination, to create a musical journey that is equal parts energetic and raw. Pusha Preme has cemented himself as a reputable performer. With a diverse array of sounds and obviously looks, Pusha Preme continues to create musical experiences that echo inspirations from his life.

Pusha Preme initially started music at a very young age. So creating music comes natural to the Emcee. Since high school, he knew, “Music is something I could never grow fatigue of.” It only makes sense, he has gone on to produce many great eccentric performances, tracks and the beautiful masks each switches up every performance. Making these masks by hand, shows he dedication to his craft. He has created magical experiences with various underground artists around the Bay Area. Though many have inspired his career, there are some key people in the Bay area that has helped him get his foot in the door. Aych, Reachingnova, Dj Knox, King JB, and Tampa as a whole, can attest to not only has every mask changed everytime, but no performance has been the same. An experience with every encounter, is Pusha Preme.
Now when it comes to fashion, Pusha Preme says, “Vaughn, My Man Crack and NYCGOTSOLE,” has pushed him to keep being artistically consistent. Creating that unforgettable experience is one of Pusha Preme’s main focus. Outside of the music that captivates you, you will notice the mask that the artist wears first. You will notice the details of the mask and wonder what the back story of it all. Inspired by the lyrical wizardry of Jay – Z, Nipsey, Kanye and more, Pusha Preme’s next logical step in his journey saw him return to something more than just music creation. He had to focus on his own artistry. The masks allows Pusha to be a different character, each mask. Nothing close to just a fashion statement, but creating an experience every time for his audience too. For Pusha Preme, music serves as a vehicle through which he uses to stimulate people’s feelings through a cohesive blend of thought-provoking lyrics and deep, cinematic visuals on stage.
It wasn’t long before Pusha Preme released a slew of hard-hitting singles, that charted him on iTunes twice. Amongst charting, he has been placed on Mieux and FEEME Feature Magazine. He has also thrown 2 sold out concerts, opened for industry veterans like MadeInTyo, Cyhi the Prince, Joe Budden, T-Pain, Snow the Product, Alfred and others. Tampa now has an urban street wear exclusively for the culture of Tampa. This streetwear further shows the artist’s artistic longevity in the industry. Pusha Preme’s artistic passion is fuelled by music’s veritable capacity to heal, unite and inspire. Art has pulled him out of some of his darkest days, and his hopes to bring that gift to you, the listener, ignites the fire that keeps Pusha Preme creating.
So what’s next for Pusha Preme? Well as a fan, you must know he is always working on something. Always in the studio creating magic. Currently working on his next 2 projects due to release later this year, he is also dropping new clothing lines for summer and fall with the Prop Clothing and Tampa Brand. To find out more about Pusha Preme’s music and get your daily dose of inspiration, head over to his Instagram @PushaPreme or search Pusha Preme on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, Pandora, Soundcloud or any other major streaming services. Keep in touch for more shows, festivals and charity events to come.