Mr. Man aka King Dom is another dope artist from Y.B.M.G (Yeah Boi Music Group)

Mr. Man aka King Dom is a Y.B.M.G (Yeah Boi Music Group) Hip Hop Recording artist, who is mostly known for his realistic, urban style of hip hop in North Carolina, who incorporates the triumphs and struggles of many into his soul staking lyrics. Mr. Man aka King Dom is affiliated with many hip hop artists throughout NC and hails his home as Greensboro, NC.
“I want my music to change lives, I want my music to matter, I was the kid that came from nothing, but I’m also the man who appreciates my struggles and can see the silver lining in life.”
—Mr. Man aka King Dom

Dominic Sentell Jones, who is known in the Hip Hop community as Mr. Man aka King Dom, was born in Greensboro, NC, on May 25, 1985. As a child, he survived some of the unfortunate circumstances of life, and began writing about his experiences, as well as what he envisioned his life to be, at times, through the eyes of those around him who experienced similar situations. For years, he rapped and performed under the name, Man- Child, later dropping part of the name and simply being referred to as Mr. Man. He released numerous mix tapes and marketed his music throughout the streets of several states and neighborhoods around the country. His most memorable tracks are Graveyard, Where I Live, Where I Stay, and Pretty Girl. He has recently released visuals to accompany his tracks and focuses on the gritty, unfiltered reality of those around him. Mr. Man aka King Dom continues to receive accolades from those in the Hip Hop community as having what it takes to break ground and carry the torch by introducing a style of Hip Hop that offers meaning and inspiration.
Background and Early Life
Dominic Sentell Jones was born on May 25, 1985, to the city of Greensboro, NC. His mother moved from New Jersey in hopes of having her first son and introducing him to a better life. Although, conditions were better for him in Greensboro, he still experienced the hardships of being a child of a single parent home and a strained relationship with his father, who often motivated his son to escape the street life and be more than his parents were. As the 1980s crack trade presence increased, Dominic grew up around street activity, witnessed the pull of the streets on his closest family members and began his journey of independence starting with being taken to a group home. From that point, he was forced to provide for himself, but did so always, with knowing that he was different and he would not fall victim to the same fate as those he loved. He did not finish school, but always had a passion for writing and lyrics.
Dominic experienced the loss of loved ones he held dear, such as his Uncle Greg who assisted him in teaching him how to be a man. It was when he lost his uncle as a result of violence, that he decided to change the course of history for himself and his family through his love for Hip Hop. He adopted the moniker Mr. Man and began performing his lyrics as a rapper. Dominic has self- funded his endeavors and now actively pursues a career in Hip Hop, hoping to collaborate with many artist around the country. Mr. Man aka King Dom is an aspiring artist, one to check for, and the forgotten voice of a forgotten people.

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