Mobbed Up Inc. Its A Movement!

Staying true to his Italian roots, Chicago businessman Gino Gallela is building his empire based on the core values of old school traditional values and integrity. Mobbed Up Inc. continues to flourish adding new divisions and ventures all the time.

Mobbed Up Inc. is more than a business, it’s a movement and the brainchild of Gino Gallela. He strategically recruited  more powerhouse key players to the team, Chuck Bellavia, Bobby Belavia, Antonio Williams and Raed Shalabi. The strength, energy and magnetic appeal these guys possess is unmatched! Mobbed Up Inc. is certainly setting the bar high for the competition.

Some of their amazing products include a line of olive oils held to the highest standards, imported straight from a farm in Italy. They also have a line of quality t-shirts, tequila and cigars with a television series that will put the Sopranos to shame. They have many more projects in the works as well. The movement has been instantly thrust among the elite in their craft garnering the attention of the one and only Perez Hilton who gave them a video shout out praising their movement.

Now Gallela and his team are taking it a step further after discovering some of Chicago’s best untapped talent and implementing a record label under Mobbed Up Inc. The label’s first artist Capo J just released his debut single “Amante” feat Dj M80 & Wolf Dog. You can look forward to his single with Chicago rap legend “Twista”, Dj M80, Arab Luciano and Belo from Do Or Die called “Friend Zone!


You can expect to hear a lot more hits coming from the Mobbed Up Inc.. music roster for years to come!
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