Meet Destiny Moriah, the First Lady of Camp Inc. Records

The music game is in for something special with Destiny Moriah hitting the scene. This young lady is a force to be reckoned with and her raw talent cannot be ignored. Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, now living in New York, she will grab the attention of music fans all over. Staying true to herself, her stage name stems from her first and middle names. From the age of 3 or 4, Destiny Moriah felt like a star while her parents knew she was destined to be one. Thanks to her father owning a record store where he often played her the classics and her mom who scouted talent shows, auditions, showcases, etc. this shining star could not be dimmed. Her parents’ belief in her craft allowed her to start on a career path she loves using her knowledge she learned from them; hard work breeds results.

Most recently, a major result is her signing a deal with the label Camp Inc. Records to release her new single “Scrumdillyumptious,” produced by Miami’s Keemalizer and Broward County Super Producer TwinkiE; available soon via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and everywhere music is sold.
“Scrumdillyumptious” is a sexy tune that will surely have the ladies swaying their hips while singing along; of course the fellas will enjoy watching them. Destiny Moriah’s distinctive, powerful voice captivates her audiences with her wide vocal range accompanied by smooth melodies. This steamy new single serves as a way for a lady to let her man of interest know how taken she is by him with an “I am woman, hear me roar” confidence. In an era of women becoming more empowered, having more of a voice, Destiny Moriah shows it is okay for the woman to make the first move. In this business, she has known challenges of heart break, rejection, along with balancing her personal and professional life; real obstacles everyone chasing their dreams face, but have to remain persistent. Making relatable music that exudes her passion for her craft with true emotion showing her personality is her ultimate goal in an industry that sometimes thrives off of manufactured images. Empowering women is part of her driving force; something that is lacking overall in music, which is at times perceived as degradingly negative instead of positive.

“Scrumdillyumptious” will give women a voice that they may lack and old-fashioned society may feel is unacceptable for them to have. This hot song shows today’s woman can express her sexuality and keep it classy at the same time. It is the perfect get ready for “girl’s night out” song that will also be a hit in the clubs while taking over the airwaves. Do not let the pretty face with petite frame full you, Destiny Moriah is a powerhouse rising to the top.