Introducing ShaqO


As a young teenager, California native, ShaqO found a passion in music which eventually led him to playing the clarinet in his school band. All the while, unfortunately the perspective of playing in a band wasn’t necessarily the most ‘popular’ thing to do in high school, it later led him into freestyling. After taking that approach more seriously, he then soon after released his first tape senior year.

Today, ShaqO is known to many as “the people’s handicap”. He’s an independent artist from the Inland Empire determined for greatness and he’s not allowing any obstacles to get in his way. Recently he dropped his latest project “In A Real Way”, and if confidence was the word of the day, he was the face of it. ShaqO brings a raw and bold deliverance with his slick talking lyrics, referencing the ladies, with a player’s vibe all the while embracing his disability.

Inspired by west coast artists, one can see the many similarities in cadence and swag that stand in comparison to the California pioneers of our past into today’s era. Press play and enjoy a surreal performance from one of his latest official singles, “Set It off” recently released via Youtube.


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