Introducing E Legendz


E Legendz is a social media/music sharing platform that’s like no other. It provides a stage for
musicians who specialize in alternate rock, country, rock & roll, hip hop, pop, jazz, gospel, soul and reggae. It’s also beneficial to music producers, record labels, and, in the near future, music
video producers. What makes E Legendz so unique in the independent music industry is any
musician can either upload their videos or, if they have a YouTube channel with their music,
they can copy their YouTube link and the video will play.

When uploading a video or sharing the link, users can choose to tag other users that helped make the song or are featured in the song’s
video by simply putting the “at sign” (@), and the user’s name if they are on the platform. If you
add a user to your video, it will also display on their profile as well as yours. This will give you
recognition and other users a chance to potentially work with other artists, producers, and labels.
For those saying that YouTube has more people on that platform, that’s correct. However,
YouTube is not
 made particularly for music makers and your potential fans have to maneuver
through all other non-music videos. E Legendz gives users a list of choices on sign-up so they
can pick what types of music they like. This means they will not have to see music they don’t
particularly prefer, and this can be updated on the user’s profile at any time.

Currently, users with the most views in a certain region of the United States will be selected and showcased on the Champions Page. This will be along with their song that got the most views at

the beginning of every month. There will be a champion in the North, South, Midwest, and West in each category. For future contests like this, E Legendz hopes to have a cash prize for the top performer in each category. Any winner will then have the opportunity to spend that money on making more content in the music industry.

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