Getting to know Rob Schwartz, founder and CEO of WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC and iFame Multimedia, LLC

Rob Schwartz, founder and CEO of WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC and iFame Multimedia, LLC, has been one of the leaders in music content and delivery for the past 15 years. When he initially launched his first website ( in 2002), he helped change the delivery method of urban content.

Five years later, Rob created “WHO?MAG TV” which today is still the biggest independent international hip hop TV show reaching up to 500,000,000 households worldwide through broadcast, satellite, and smart TVs.

Five years after that in 2012, Rob decided to launch his own TV network, “iFame TV” (standing for “Independent Film and Music Entertainment”). The inspiration for iFame TV came from placing WHO?MAG TV on other networks and having networks go under, time slot changes, and basically not having control of his own program. “iFame TV” premiered on Roku, which at that time had only a handful of channels and was still very new. Seeing the potential in Roku, Rob created his channel and created a unique user experience for his fan base. Besides just his own show, he picked up lots of other great programs including exclusively airing the urban TV hit “The Book of Nimrod”, the 80’s/90’s TV dance shows “Dance Party USA” and “Dancin’ On Air” (hosted by Kelly Ripa and featured Madonna, Tupac, Duran Duran, Gangstarr, Heavy D, Will Smith, and more), an exclusive Notorious B.I.G. Documentary, and much more. iFame TV also hosts hundreds of independent music videos, concerts, one of the biggest libraries for hip hop interview (as well as other genres), and music documentaries.

Now iFame TV has ventured into feature length movies, comedies, horror, sports, and more. You can now find iFame TV on Apple TV as well.

“Our new Apple TV situation has really helped expand our reach and our message. iFame TV is music network that focuses on music and not all of the drama. We love music and we attract the viewers who just want to watch music content without hearing about the baby mama drama, the shootings, and all of the negative energy that other platforms promote” says Rob Schwartz. “As we continue to expand to more platforms and sign more deals with strategic content providers, we want the user experience to be easy, exciting, and engaging. We have a strong following that come back to our channel daily since we consistently update our content. We pretty much have the largest data base of exclusive urban content for an independent channel.”

Rob is also is a multi-award winning director/producer/editor. He directed, edited, and was the music supervisor for the broadcast return of “Dancin’ On Air” which aired through FUSE TV worldwide on January 2016. He also owns the TV shows “DMTV” (Dance Music TV – an EDM TV show) and “Video Vision” (a music video show), both which also air worldwide. He won an Award of Excellence for a commercial he did with Castle Windows, directed commercials with Jordan Sparks and Boy Abunda, and won the Pocono Film Fest for his Hip-Hop Documentary “The WHO?MAG Hip Hop Document”. He also was the music supervisor and associate producer for the Lion’s Gate film “Living Will” with Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn as well as either producing, directing, or handling music for films featuring Clint Howard, Jwoww, Kristinia DeBarge, Harry Potter’s Chris Coulson, and more.

Rob also has a music distribution company “WHOMAG Distribution” through Sony Orchard with over 200 artists signed to him including many hip-hop heavyweights and two #1 Billboard albums.

“We try to make ourselves a one-stop shop for artists. I work daily with multi-platinum producer Mr. Mig, so we do everything from the creation of the song, production, mixing, mastering, to producing the music videos, to airing them worldwide, to distributing the music. Our reputation is very important to use. Most of our clients are referrals and repeat customers” says Rob.

Rob wants to continue distributing great content and music worldwide and continue to create new platforms that will benefit the independent artists. “I am a very passionate person who loves technology, music, and hip-hop. It’s great when you combine them and make a career out of it. I always wanted to be the next Ted Turner and surrounding myself with a great team of people have allowed me to focus on that.”

For more information on Rob Schwartz, visit his sites and Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and IG at @whomag”.