Get familiar with DomTMO AKA Young Dom in our latest interview.



Supastars Online Magazine:  What’s good?  How are you feeling? 

DomTMO:  Amazing, can’t ever complain.  God let me wake up today so blessed to be here you know.


Supastars Online Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?  Who is DomTMO AKA Young Dom?

DomTMO:  Man a visionary, someone who doesn’t take no as an answer because nobody should tell the next person they can’t be whatever they want to be honestly!  Plus DomTMO is going to be the face that inspires the next person to get out there and make it happen without waiting for someone to put you on. That’s who I am!


Supastars Online Magazine:  How do you see your future as an artist?  Where do you see yourself in 2024 as far as a music career?  

DomTMO:  Man it’s so much more I want to do outside of music.  I have been at it for so long and developed a following of people who really believe in me so I do this more for them because I could have given up years ago but I’m still here.  In 2024 I hope to land a film role somewhere getting that Ludacris money .


Supastars Online Magazine:  Who are 4 artists that influence you the most when it comes to music?  

DomTMO:  Myself first and foremost, Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle ( RIP ), & Russ.



Supastars Online Magazine:  Aside from music, what else do you get into?

DomTMO:  I like to edit videos, I’m very hands on, I also have a home improvement business so I want to get into

flipping real estate.  Just want multiple streams of income.  Can’t just base this off of music until music is the main income.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What sets you apart from all the other artists out right now?

DomTMO:  My story!  Making the 6am news for illegal past activities stressing your family out, damn near died in a motorcycle crash which left me with these metal rods in my legs and still here to do this is a blessing. My recovery wasn’t no joke but god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.


Supastars Online Magazine:  You currently have a new single and video out right now titled “Road Runner”, could you tell the readers about the single and video?

DomTMO:  Roadrunner basically comes from the trappers lifestyle of getting to the money.  All day, guys or females cause they get to the bag too.  Rip and run up and down parkways highways getting to the money and that’s road running so that is where the idea came from to motivate them while they are in their car doing them.  The video could have been better with some animations of the cartoon road runner but we didn’t have someone to incorporate the character in it but I’m happy with it.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What else are you currently working on?

DomTMO:  I have some more singles I’m working on.  I have a show we just booked a venue for in June we are putting together so back to the drawing board to make a great night for the people to enjoy!

Supastars Online Magazine:  Is there anybody you would like to plug or shout out? 

DomTMO:  Of course shout out to my son Jace, pops loves you kiddo.  Shout out kR and Taylor for keeping my sword sharp out there on these tracks, shout-out Roc Nations for giving me a different look on business.  Shout out to the campaign family in Texas GP45 you up next boy and last but not least shout out God for what he has planned for me.



Supastars Online Magazine:  What else would you like the readers to know about yourself that we haven’t covered already?  

DomTMO:  I am really him ! to get tapped in cause you ain’t gonna find another Dom again I swear #OnSiah

Listen to DomTMO’s “Road Runner” on Spotify