Exclusive Supastars Online Magazine interview with recording artist $hynePhre$h


Supastars Online:  Who is $hynePhre$h?  How would you sum up yourself and who you are as an artist in just a few lines?
$hynePhre$h: I am pure music adrenaline.
Supastars Online:  What sets you apart from all the other artists out there?
$hynePhre$h: My melodic charisma. I sound like $hynephre$h.
Supastars Online:  What has been your greatest achievement as an artist thus far?
$hynePhre$h: Staying alive. These rappers have the lifespan of mosquitoes. No pun intended.
Supastars Online: What is one of the wildest and craziest experiences you’ve had in your music career?
$hynePhre$h:  None so far. I’m still working up to one of those.
Supastars Online: How has your 2021 been as far as music?
$hynePhre$h: It’s just the work in progress. I’ve seen some growth here and there. But not as much as I would like.
Supastars Online:  You have a new single out now titled “Red or Blue”, could you tell our readers a little more about the single and music video?
$hynePhre$h:  Man, that song is pure bliss. It’s not one of those things someone could put into words. You just have to undergo that experience for yourself.
Supastars Online: What is the next music video that you plan to release?
$hynePhresh: It’s a surprise.
Supastars Online: What’s next on the agenda for 2022?

$hynePre$h: To just stay in my lane and make great music.