Supastars Exclusive | Do-Low ThaBoss From WestMob | @Supastarsmag


Witty wordplay and strong lyrical content makes Do-Low a force to be reckoned with. Do-Low ThaBoss hails from Compton, California. He jumped into the rap game in 1989, drawing inspiration from Eric B., Rakim and NWA. Do-Low grew up listening to the classic sounds of Marvin Gaye, Sugar Hill Gang, George Benson, Prince, DeBarge and the legendary Michael Jackson. Do-Low has had the opportunity to open up for major artist such as Ludacris, De’Angelo and Erykah Badu.
Do-Low would like fans to know that he has an old school west coast style/flow and that he is the founding member of the WestMob movement based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Do-Low’s current singles are Sativa, On My Block, a feature with Nick Hawkins All About the Rhythm, Westmob featuring Tymara Walker, Clap It Up a collaboration with Stretch, Whole Gang 0′ Weed and Mount Cyanide featuring Do-Low. Do-Low Tha Boss is distributed byThe Orchard.
He has all the ingredients for a successful career in the music industry. He is focused, driven and determined to make a name for himself for years to come.
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