B. Lee Brooks “Sober” (Official Video)

Rising Georgia based recording artist B. Lee Brooks (formerly known as Buddy Love) hits his fans, and followers with a video to accompany the song “Sober”, one of the lead singles from his album Strange Fruit.  The crisp visuals of the video match perfectly with B. Lee Brooks’ superb songwriting abilities as he thoroughly explains hooking up with a random chick at the bar after having a few too much to drink and regretting it the next day.  The powerful hook really brings more new life into the track, “It’s officially over/ I’m really not into you/ really not feeling you now that I’m sober”.  Watch the infectious video from start to finish at the embedded youtube video above and get sucked into the very detailed story from the lyrics and video.
B. Lee Brooks was recently one of the featured guest artists on the Blast and Blacktopia DJ Coalition and Record Pool digital meet and greet presented on the popular Podcasts On Demand network held on the prestigious Blogtalk Radio website (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PodcastsOnDemand).  During the Digital Meet an Greet session, B. Lee Brooks premiered the single “Sober” in the company of well known, influential music industry professionals and DJs such as DJ BME, Misstee IzQueen of On Point Radio, the Big Woo Radio Crew and a host of other movers and shakers.  In addition to the aforementioned, panelists, listeners and callers also absolutely loved the single!  Many of the guests, callers and listeners praised the single, and requested more music from B. Lee Brooks!   The buzz for B. Lee Brooks continues to grow, so ride the wave by visiting his social media and promotional blogs for more updates!
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