A Candid Interview With Soundz Grate

*  What’s up Soundz Grate?
What’s up family?! It’s always a pleasure working with you man. This has been quite a journey for the two of us.
*  What makes you “Sound Grate”?
Aww man. Have you not heard those tunes? Ha ha ha. On a serious note, I’d like to take a word from my fellow emcee Tonio2Kold to say that I’m “Versi-tilli-tile”. It doesn’t matter if I’m singing, rapping, or letting the soothing ryhtmic emotion of a poem flow from my lips. It is something I practice on a daily basis, FOR HOURS, in order to be the living embodiment of the oxymoron that is my moniker.
*  How has your 2018 been so far?
Truthfully my 2018 is just now starting. I have been hiding in a cave in the woods , plotting, calculating, and building my plans for the ultimate takeover. It’s not easy being “The Chupacabra”.
*  What plans do you have for the Summer?
Glad you asked! I’ll be dropping the visuals to my track “Ocean View” featuring my mans Polo Don Red in June on VEVO and ZevoTV. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been holding on to it for like a year, so I know he’s ready to see it. “ORCHID the LP” will be dropping at the end of July, so I’m putting the finishing touches on that creation of mine. Lastly I’m prospecting artist for collaboration on my “Thrill Ride EP”… It’s been a very hard task, because I only make and release, a certain amount of music every year. Besides that I’ll be wearing the mogul hat for a majority of the time this year. My hands are in a multitude of places.
*  Could you tell the listeners a little about your music?
I would have to say, that my music is 1000% me & of my life, or my life experiences. I don’t try to paint false pictures to try to fit into the stigma of someone I’m not. I don’t believe in that man. I sing about love, I rap about pain…. good or bad. I talk about what I see, and I’m quick to call someone out. Yet on the flipside I try to create nostalgia music, I want to bring back memories as my fans listen to my music. Or have people make memories to my music *wink wink*.
*  What’s one of your favorite Waka Flocka songs?
“Round of Applause” was definitely one of my favorites, I can play that all day. “Murda” is a track I exercise to. Every time it comes on in the playlist, I feel like a beast.
*  How would a Soundz Grate / Waka Flocka collaboration sound like?
That would sound like a RIAA Platnum track hands down. A RAP track would have the clubs jumping and knocking, might end up making an anthem. On the flipside, even if I was able to get the big homie on an R&B joint. The level of savagery, debauchery, & disrespect would be for the history books. What would really be dope would be to collab with him on the EDM side, but toss Travis Barker in the mix. Now that would be sick.
*  Who are some other artists you would like to collaborate with?
As you know I’m always going to say D’Angelo and Busta Rhymes until it happens…… Celebrity wise I’d like to collab with No Panty, The Internet, and Kali Uchi.
Indie artist wise, I would have to say G Yamazawa, Fowl, and an extremely talented young woman from my city AE TheCool.
*  What would you say was one of your best collaboration so far?
My best collaboration so far, and I need you to understand how upset I am when I say this. My best collaboration has been with THC Bee’jay & Tonio2Kold. I say I’m upset because I lost the footage from what we made, it was nothing but pure hip-hop at it’s most raw form. Tipsy in a circle on the trunk of some cars talking about the future.
IG: SoundzGrate