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For many people 2020 has been a bleak and somber year.  From all the lives that were lost, natural disasters, racial injustice, our nation divided by political views, marches, the COVID19 pandemic and so on and so on.  2020 has left many people feeling sad and discouraged, at a time like this it’s always best to remain positive, and optimistic, not just about the world’s situation but remaining positive, hopeful and optimistic about yourself during these trying times.  One way to pump yourself and give yourself assurance is to speak positively about yourself and The “I Am Apparel Group” can certainly help you speak power onto yourself with their new powerful, affirming clothing line.
“I Am…” is arguably the most powerful statement in the English language. It’s declarative, definitive and speaks in present tense. We feature a line of Inspirational And Motivational shirts with a twist… our use of creative acronyms.
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