Pastor EL Williams teams up with Rev Colin B Smith of Generation Builders Ministries to kick off tour in January


I recently spoke with gospel recording artist E.L. Williams who dropped his album ‘Dining WIth Jesus’ August 8th, 2017. He also recently performed at the Gospel Image Awards in September.
His music is distributed by Sugo Music Group/Sony.


How long have you been a pastor?

I’ve been a Pastor since March 2005, ordained at “Holy Temple of Shalom by Pastor Walter M. Spencer located 29th. Master in Philadelphia, PA.
When did you first get your calling from the Lord?
My calling took place in a dream at the age between 19-20 years old, however, it I took the clubs and the wild life/the world. I actually didn’t come to the Lord until many, many years later.
How do you find the stamina to manage the pastoral-ship along with 
your music ministry … and family?
Jesus is the primary to everyone’s life, save or not, Christ is life and love. He says, (2 Peter 3:9) “I wish for no man to perish and come to repentance”.
What do you want to say about Jesus Christ? To people who are
saved, not yet saved, beginners, seasoned —

This is what I say about Christ Jesus:
He is love! Thank God that He didn’t fall in love with us, because anything you fall into, you can fall out of, He LOVED us! This unconditional love of Christ Jesus allows mankind to come, regardless what they have done in their life, no other could have executed such a fantastic love. And the unsaved, we all were in that state, when we entering this world, we were condemned at birth. However, because of this love of Jesus, He gave His life by the shading of His Blood, something I’m sure none on this earth would have done!  

Tell me about the concept for your current project?
My current Project

I’m working with a very God fearing Christian and skilled artist, Multi Platinum Producer Mr.Herb Middleton.
We are working on a couple of projects one is a inspirational CD titled. “It All Belong To You” and a EP love ballad titled, “Love You”. And the campaign for me to portray Barry White is on going concerting “The Maestro” the Barry White Story
I hear you are going on tour soon? Tell readers about the tour​?
Touring National:
I’ve been blessed by the Lord, to connect with Rev. Colin B. Smith of Generation Builders Ministries My first six months will start in January 2018 in Phoenix, ending in Cleveland in June 2018