Ingasez fashion is the perfect fusion of class and Street Wear


Brooklyn Icons by IngaSez Fashion is way more than a T-shirt collection it’s called T-Fashion. Implementing the finest crystals to represent an upscale urban style. Brooklyn icons represents every icon that made a name for themselves born and raised in brooklyn while still acknowledging the new brooklyn brand. The plan that we would like to execute is called Brooklyn Icons which is represented by our latest Icon Stone Collection. Our Icon Collection comes in many different styles.

Signature Embroidery, classic signatory Crystals, Classic suede, and our exclusive glitter crystal design. We enjoy helping others and would like to assign a nonprofit charity to each T-shirt collection sold. This is why it is so important for pictures to be taken in front of murals etc. to be represented mainly as part of the marketing campaign etc…

The nonprofit charities that we would like to contribute to are women shelters located in brooklyn. Young single mothers that are or have been a product of abuse, abandoned, and  struggling in transition to get their lives together with children after domestic violence etc.

Mothers lose their children everyday to the system due to coming out of an abusive relationship and not being able to afford to raise their own children moving forward. This idea is heavily inspired…

It’s not a just a brand it’s a movement!

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