Trapstar Migo From Huntsville Texas

Supastars Magazine got to find another hidden talent through Yungstar from the SUC aka Yungman. Won’t you tell the people who you are and where you from?

What’s up World… I appreciate the time you are taking to read this… My name is Trapstar Migo, and I’m from a small town outside of Houston called  Huntsville TX. I’m sure you’ve seen the big White statue on the side of interstate 45 on the way to Dallas, yup that’s my City. The Home Team, V’s up for the Ville!

When were you first introduced to music?

Well being from 2 immigrated parents from Mexico,  I didn’t have the normal story like everybody else, u know, hearing how they grew up with their parents playing music in the house…. I first heard rap music from my neighbor Cameron Lemon(maybe rest in peace). He had a cassette of BoneThugs n Harmony. And I heard it and was in love with hiphop. The beat. The Rhymes. The whole vibe. I traded him a fishing lure for the tape. Lol.  Idk why that’s what he wanted for the tape but we were little kids so it happened lol  .

How did you come up with the name 936 trap star migo?

The name was actually given to me in Arkansas. Shout out to my patnas in Little Rock. I met my boy Snizz through Pooh and the rest was history. The name speaks for its self so if u know u know… and the 936 part comes from my home town. Ima 936 baby.

Not only do you rap but you also produce and engineer your own music as well?

Yes. I finally realized I had a certain way I heard things that other engineers didn’t do for me so I leanered to do it my self. I engineer. Mix. Shoot videos. Do graphic design. Besides rapping I do everything else as well.

How did you learn all these talents you have doing music if you don’t mind me asking?

Like I said, nobody was doing what I needed or doing it for me… amd paying for studio time gets expensive so I jumped on youtube and taught my self step by step. All off Youtube.

How did you and Yungstar aka Yungman end up working together?

I met Yung way back in the day through my brother Jro. I would always drive to Houston and pull up on him. My circle has always been small, so I didn’t have many friends in Houston so we began rocking more and like I always say, if you fwm then u stuck with me. That’s Big Bro frfr. Most of my knowledge about the real life comes from him. He has always been 1000 with me  showed me many things I’ll pass down to my son one day and I’m thankful for him. It’s deeper than rap…. we just so happen to rap. We Family first.

She’s the baddest was that track produced you and written by you?

I didn’t produce that track but youcan say I wrote it but I actually don’t write raps. I freestyle and record  punching in my songs… i come up with the verse or song as I go… nothing is premeditated.  I do what the beat makes me feel I should say.

The Free SPM track also displayed your versatility when it comes to writing your music was that taught to you by someone or was it something that’s comes to you naturally?

Like I said it was all freestyle recording. Self taught. I can freestyle for hours. Lol no cap. I study rap so if there is a certain sound or rhyme scheme I want to mimick, it comes natural.

Your Blu Lobster Str8 Flowin vol 1 was also another mixtape you dropped that has some bangers on it which track on there would say goes the hardest to you and why?

I actually did that whole little tape in 2 nights. No hooks,  just recording mean ass verses with no topics about how I was feeling at the time. Kind of like a mental exercise. But I really like My Ankles because the last bar says, “they didn’t see my vision they low angles,  and now I’m so far in the sky if they shot up at this guy, I swear they wouldn’t even hit my ankles” Lol. And I like the one called “shroomflo”. Go check them out.

Off you Late Check In Cd there’s a song called Shyt Talker was that directed at someone?because if not you have a good way of painting a story so if someone listens to it it will make them wonder if you are or not?

My boy Pop Goffney came up with that hook one day at the Blu Lobster…. we really were talking to everybody but not in a beefing type of way, more of just describing who we are type of way. that’s what we are. Big shit talkers because we back it up and we would talk shit to anybody we feel needs to hear it.  Him , her, or them, 🎶 “and ready for whatever so what they wanna do” -POP 🎶

The song with Aintchuu Kane is another song that you snapped on was that song written or a freestyle?

Once again everything I do is freestyle. But let me take this time to highlight and put some light on AintChuuKane The Franchise. One of the hardest out right now and I’m proud of how far he has came. Also Fatt Macc the Alpha is the coldest and has versatile singing n rapping style that is uncomparable to. Be on the look out for them.  STP 4-Life

With all these mixtapes that you got circulating on net and streets which one would you say is best work so far?

My best work is still sitting on my hard drive as of now and I really feel like my best work is yet to come.  The music I released were just quick songs I put out just to widen my catalog.  I just wanted more things to pop up if you ever searched my name.

With so many over night rappers being born everyday it seems so what are you gonna bring different to the rapgame?

I’m bringing the art of real rap back. Story telling. Speaking about My real situations and feelings. They haven’t seen what I seen or been through what I’ve been through, And defiantly don’t think like me. I let people see how things how I see them or from My point of view. If u listen u hear how my mind thinks.

Are you gonna stay independent or are you looking for lable deal?

 I would like to stay independent but get some kind of Major Distribution Deal. But honestly we never know what the future holds. This is God’s plan for me so we shall see which direction he wants me to go whenever that time comes… I’m on God’s time so I really don’t know.  I wouldn’t mind signing but they have to get my whole team. Ima package deal.

Is it hard to get noticed in the music scene in Houston Texas since it’s a lot of competition out there?

It’s not hard to get noticed. It’s hard to get support.  People will notice you but getting them to listen or become a fan is a little harder. You have to make music “they” like instead of music you like. It’s about grasping the listener by doing music they want to hear everyday.

What would you say is the main reason what keeps you from getting in the music industry to the level where you will be with these major hip hop artists ?

A commercial or radio song. Without a radio song, it’s hard to be main stream.

Do you see yourself being compared to SPM because of the way you sound on the mic when you start spitting on a track?

I would say I’m more compared to spm because every since I moved to Houston I been on the south side. Everyday I’m  in the  Southpark area.  In HERSCHELWOOD. Dead-end. Sunnyside. It’s always funny when people hear me rap and say, you the new south park Mexican.  I’m not the New SPM, it’s only 1 of him. I’m just a Mexican in Southpark holding down the section.

Who would you say lyrically is the hardest essay on the mic in the United States?

I’m going to say me.  I’m the Hardest Essay in the World. But I don’t put my self in that category.  I’m the Hardest Artist Period. No race or color. I’m not just “hard for a Mexican” like they say, I’m hard period. The hardest. But it’s not about saying u the best, its about competing against the best and showing them you are better. It’s all friendly completion just like a 1 on 1 basketball game. You don’t go hoop with your friends planning to lose or tie, u wanna win. That’s how I think about rap. I always wanna win.  Some people take that statement and think I’m saying im better than everybody but I say that to push them to go harder. If somebody does anything better than me, I don’t concern my self with their win, I think about my loss and it makes me want to be better. That’s how everybody should think.

Since you been producing  who all have you worked with?

There is too many to name. Most of your known names in Houston. Because of Yung I’ve worked with alot of the SUC and alot of big upand coming rappers. AL Crocka is my favorite artist working with tho…. his style and way of recording taught me alot . And he always pushes me to rap harder. Because I know If I come weak he will smoke me on da track lol. And i try to not let that happen.  Lol. But to name a few, Yungstar SUC, Wood SUC, Knock n Duke of the Herschelwood Hard Headz, Bellion Boss, Mexican OT, AL-CROCKA,  Manny,  Ashton Kush,  Propain,  Yung Redd, Scooyunda and Niq of the Gritboys, Will Lean SUC, Ronnie Spencer… and a many more.

What advice would you have anyone wanting to get into the music industry?

Don’t depend on anybody. Do as much for your self as you can.  It’s only going to go as far as you push to take it.  In the words of the late great Fat Pat, you gotta put it down if you really wanna crawl down, it’s not going to fall at your front door.

Are you working on anything else new right now?

Yes I have several projects finished I’m about to drop and I have a couple of major projects I’m working on… I will always be working on new material.

Will you be working with any artists on any new music?

 AintChuuKane,  Fatt Macc and I have a STP project coming, AL Crocka and i have a mixtape finished about to drop. Me and Yungstar have a project finished. Knock n Duke amd I have a 8152 album coming, Bellion Boss and I are working on a project. I’m working working.

Can we expect any work with you and Yungstar aka Yungman in the future?

We have about 20 songs right now ready to go but it’s up to him to give the green light to drop them so hopefully yall get that soon. Don’t think because he hasn’t been releasing music he lost it,  He hasn’t lost it, and I think he  is rapping way better now than he did then. Plus he has a story to tell so it’s going to be a classic project.

If someone wants to get in touch with you to network for booking or studio work how can they contact you?

My Instagram is –   936trapstarmigo  my email is – , I check them everyday so my response time is quick.  I also do tattoos at a professional level so you can reach me there if u need any work. But note that I’m not cheap. I do quality over quantity. Cheap tattoos ain’t good, and good tattoos ain’t cheap.  You get what you pay for. Lol

Is there anything you wanna add just in case we did not mention to your fans in this interview?

This is God’s plan, and I am a firm believer that putting him first I will accomplish all of my goals.  I found myself and I love who I’m becoming. I’m turning into who I’m suppose to be.  I’m in my own lane and right now I’m tunnel vision with my career and I don’t see anything outside of that. I’m not not average, I’m not normal, I am the Trapstar Migo. And BTW: Shout Out to my Barber Bam , @barbershoppapi … get at him for the Ice Water Fades!

Any last words or shout outs?

I appreciate everybody that took the time to read this. I hope you search my music and check me out. Just type in “trapstar Migo ” in your search and give me a listen,  like, amd share. Huge and major shout out to Chris n Erick Lee, my brothers for life. Little Jose Jr, I love u kid, my sister Yesenia n Beti, my mom Maria and my adopted mothers Minnie Ruth, Melanie,  Ms Donna, Ms Octavia, and  rip Mama Gwen. I wanna shout out Nate n Telisha Smith,  I love yall. The whole STP camp, Fatt Macc, AintChuuKane,  Bankroll Kool-aid,  Monroe Redd, Nessa,  Shyy the coldest tattoo artist in the Ville, Laranda, Kira, Cheese, TT OG3, TMan, Lew, Jro, Jaeboi Finesse,, Poodie&230 Riders,Tubby Da Kidd, my Battle Buddy from the Army Corey Carr, Quincy n Sav from Port Arthur,  rip Nookie and rip Joel. And last but never least,  THE WHOLE 936 AREA AND HUNTSVILLE. I DO THIS FOR US.