Moe McCoy

Born a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Moe McCoy is a filmmaker, philanthropist and well-known hip-hop artist. The owner of Fireproof TV Films, a film-making company, he has traveled around the world advancing his career and sharing his talent with the masses. He has resided in several locations including Colorado, Mississippi, Hawaii, Georgia, Las Vegas, Texas Florida and several cities in California including Oakland and Sacramento.
In 2005 McCoy launched the Fireproof Radio Show which could be heard on 94.9FM. The show included two disc jockeys and a comedian, along with Moe as the main host. Doug Sims was also involved in this project in the area of video production and photography.
McCoy has excelled in several ventures in entertainment, promo and marketing. Gaining him the well earned title of “The King of Content”. This includes a movie entitled The Perfect Romance, along with an extensive list of other titles including:
Tomorrow’s Never Promised
31 Horror Film
The Tickler
420 Movie
Bad Boxer
The Roast of Moe McCoy 1&2
Fresh Start Short Film
Angel Horror Film
Someone 2 Luv
Frequent Visitors
Spring Break Kids Movie
Flippen Ain’t Easy
Earl and Pearl
Adventures of Pookie and Peanutt
Pearl’s Produce
Black Cowboy Movie

Although McCoy’s focus today is film making, this has not always been so. In fact, his career began with the rap group known as “The Nappy Head Assassins”. After winning a few talent shows, the group recorded a deal with KJ records. Unfortunately, the contract was never fulfilled because of disagreements with the record company. This led to the group being dismantled and each member going on to pursue solo careers.

In 1999 his pastor approached him and encouraged him to make a religious song which went on to win a Holy Hip-Hop Award. He found himself often performing at churches all around. But after life changes and a divorce, he chose to return to mainstream hip-hop.
McCoy begin touring with J Love, and as a result, people viewed them as a group. Consequently, they decided to do two group projects and a movie, and then return to their individual solo careers. This meant coming up with a name for the joint group, which proved to be a challenge. However, because of the tumultuous experiences they’d had on the road, the name Fireproof was born (from the biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego).
The group Fireproof was all about delivering a positive message with clean lyrics. One of their earlier albums was called Rags to Riches; a project which was honored with 13 hip-hop awards including radio single of the year, album of the year and group of the year.

Having received lots of notoriety, the group was invited to an interview at the radio station 104.5. As they were in the habit of doing, McCoy and his partner would ask the radio execs if there was anything they could do to help them. To their surprise, they asked them to write a music intro for a new radio show called the Freak Show. In just minutes, they came up with a tune and recording which continues to play to this day.

Other opportunities were also afforded to them including opening and running a game show called “Think Fast”. It was one of the sweetest deals they’d been promised as the company committed to paying for gas, hotels, food and other expenses. The first tour included traveling from Grand Rapids to North Carolina, then straight to Boston and on to Ohio. At that time, they were on a college tour which included 6 months on and 1 month off. They would later also do an award-winning mixed tape called Target Practice.
While on tour in 2008, McCoy launched his film making career. The movie Tomorrow’s Never Promised was released at Studio 28 in Grand Rapids. It also included a soundtrack titled 2NP. The movie was also shown at Celebration Cinema where it outsold I Am Legend starring Will Smith. There was also a launch party for the soundtrack in Ottawa Hills that was well attended and the music well-received. The soundtrack later went on to receive numerous awards.

After the movie was released, McCoy opted not to tour. With the onset of internet music and his kids getting older, he wanted to stay put. Consequently, his partner would move to California while McCoy stayed in Grand Rapids to try to master making money without touring. During this time he produced videos for other artists and released an album with a hit song called I Rock that took off in Hawaii of all places. Persuaded by his cousin to come to Hawaii and tour, he made a brief move to the area and performed at every club and venue available. There he launched Fireproof TV which featured himself as well as other hip-hop artists. The show received an award and his album was nominated. McCoy sees himself as being instrumental in the beginning of hip-hop culture in Hawaii. He looks forward to releasing an album entitled Hawaiian Punch that he wrote while in the area with some of the locals.

While in Hawaii, he received a phone call from his good friend Chris Howard who was looking to open a nightclub in Grand Rapids. He invited McCoy to come and manage the business. Although McCoy initially said no, he changed his mind because of naysayers who said a nightclub in Grand Rapids could never be successful. Nonetheless, the nightclub was a huge success and is still talked about to this day.

He moved to Atlanta briefly then went back to Grand Rapids where his passion for music had taken a backseat to some of his other endeavors such as filming television commercials and small filming projects. However, while working at the radio station, Robert S told him “no matter what, you have to keep rapping.” So he put out an album which featured artists from Grand Rapids called The Momentum. This drew him back to movie making which he loves. But because of musical scoring, he is still able to keep his hand in the music industry.

In his personal life, McCoy strives for balance while mastering and teaching the art of filmmaking. He has recreated the casting process, and condensed and simplified the filming process allowing him and his vast filming crew to knock out filming projects with ease time after time. This process labeled, The Fireproof Method was recently bombarded with accusations of scamming actors during casting events. This led to a backlash from members of Fireproof TV Films worldwide that responded in defense of the company that they are elated to be apart of, forcing the negative rumor spreaders to do their research.

With no where left to go but the top, Moe McCoy is well on his way to achieving a goal of 100 completed feature films. With the launch of, not only will McCoy and the Fireproof crew be able to showcase and display their films but so will other independent film groups and artist. All hail the” King Of Content” Moe McCoy.