MarisaJ is a Fashion and Beauty Model

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MarisaJ is a Fashion and Beauty Model with 4 years experience in industry projects. She has successfully modeled for brands such as ICU Network, Donna Michelle, Marcella Co. and MC Hammer Designer James Head.  Touring fashion shows from Texas, to New York to San Francisco, this talented, passionate young woman has the ambition and drive to make it straight to the top of this fashion world. She possesses many sought-after attributes that designers and fashion directors look for. Marisa says “With a medical degree and experience working in hospitals being friendly and adaptable is a lifestyle for me not a skill. I am very stylish, versatile, efficient, hard-working, and fantastic at taking direction. I always aim to tell the same story the producer/ designer would like to convey.”

MarisaJ is currently now working on her theatere skills, so be on the look out for this rising star.