E.L aka Lemonjuice aka E Dot

Supastars Magazine got a chance to check out an artist from Central Texas who’s been putting in work and always speaks his mind and tells it how it is no matter what!!Won’t you tell the people who you are and where you from?

– E.L aka Lemonjuice aka E Dot well, u get the picture , spent my whole life back and forth between Temple and Cameron Tx. Kinda have 2 cities to rep for.

Are you signed to any lable or are you independent?

Independent , tryin to start up my own imprint called ” the lemonade stand “but work with Noki Swazy and the good folks at Nappytown Productions.

What made decide you wanted to become a rapper?

Alot of people don’t know but I never wanted to be a rapper, i was into DJ’in and throwing parties in high school. I hung around rappers, noticed how much attention they were getting so I said ” to hell with it , let me give it a shot “. It turns out it came natrual to me.

Do you remember your first rhyme you wrote?

Haha! Yeah, I actually do , looking back at it , it wasn’t all that great

You also produce tracks?

Yeah, from time to time. Gotta have an alternative. I can’t rap forever

What software do you think is the best on the market right now to produce beats?

I think FL studio, to me , it’s great for starters as well as the ” established ” producer.

Who all have you produced for?

I like to consider myself a “house” producer , I have an extremely busy schedule outside of music . But other than my camp ,artists that were featured on my production have been : Southstarr (Smilez and Southstarr) , Sparkdawg, Smokesta, Eisntagator, TA Wreckords and Smoke (No Limit Sounds)….. I think there’s more, wait…. I know there’s more but I’ve been drinking.

With the music becoming so saturated with these overnight rappers do you think it affects the music industry?

Not one bit ,  we as listeners have no clue on what they did before their “big break”. They have been blessed the opportunity to showcase their talent or  lack of based on today’s standards that are played on the radio

Some rappers get in a zone before they hit the lab.Whats your ritual before you hit the booth?

Good question , anyone who knows me knows that a studio session with me requires alcohol, horse tranquilizers, energy drinks and a whole lot of clowning. I like to have fun while recording. If you ain’t laughing you ain’t living.

Dallas artists are making dance tracks to get recognition what do you think artists in your area need to do to get exposure?

Be themselves and keep doing what they’re doing . I like how the younger artists are coming together and supporting each other at shows and such .

Do the radio stations where you at show locals artists support?

kazi 88.7 down here in Austin

Are you working on any new projects or collaborations?

Currently working on my solo and working on a joint Duo album with Chris P of TA . I wanna work with Dj Chuk aka Mr Hood Throwdown but he’s a busy man

With all the rap artists coming into the rapgame who would say get play in your cd player?

I listen to nothing but 254 rap . I am still jammin that Nappytown “Antidote” album . I’m a fan first,

Are you still the C.E.O of Labratz?

Well, with that situation, I didn’t feel as if there was a CEO, it was 3 individuals that put in equal amount of effort and energy towards the movement. Eventho I bought all the beer. ( whuddup Ty and Boss )

Can we expect another Labratz album?

Another LabRatz album is highly unlikely. We all have went our seperate ways musically. Don’t get me wrong, we all still talk on a daily basis cause we’re brothers , our kids play with each other but….. Seeing all 3 of us on stage rockin the crowd again is slim to none.

If someone wants to network with you or need your production where can they reach you?

Dixie cups, carrier pigeons, smoke signals ect…. If that doesn’t work hit me up at

Got a Myspace,Twitter or Facebook?


Last Words Or Shout Outs?

Yeah, shout outs to all the drunk sexy big girls out there….. E.L loves you


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