Brooklyn Arvie aka Rapalotkidbrooklyn

Brooklyn Arvie aka Rapalotkidbrooklynwas born in Houston on 6-7-2011. She moved to Abu Dhabi by 6 weeks old and spent her toddler years traveling and spending time with her older siblings. Her creative talent was recognized by the time she was three in the areas of dance, fashion, singing and other creative expression.


She showed a keen interest in acting and other creative arts and landed her first feature on YouTube in 2020 w/ Funny Mike and the Badkids. The collaboration led her to continue creating content. Eventually she collaborated with Badkid Paris in a fight video after


completing a debut with her siblings with That Girl Lay Lay on The Single “Rapalotkids Cypher.

By 2021, Brooklyn was invited to interview with Houston Radio station 97.9 and opened for Lay Lay’s Tour with the Rapalotkids. She is


persistent about making sure The Rapalot Family channel and brand showcases the talent of her siblings: CEO @rapalotkidrj,


@rapalotkidcash and @rapalotkidlegend

In 2022, Brooklyn released 5 singles and 3 music videos including: Bingo, Family Matters and It’s Up feat. Macei K.


Today, Brooklyn competes in cheer, records music, vlogs on the RapalotFamily Channel and will be venturing out competitive dance with Tommy The Clown’s (Official T Squad). Her newest single Blessed awaits a feature w/ Glorilla.