Angel Segura A.K.A Halo, was born and raised in Dallas, Tx.

Halo comes from a good family with strong mexican roots. MIn fact, his first language is spanish.His mom was born in the USA, and his dad was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Growing up Halo went to catholic church and was brought up with Mexican traditions. However, as he got older he discovered who God truly was and he found his identity in Christ and got baptized at the age of 12 years old. Due to his environment and upbringing,Halo started experiencing life and spiritual war fare. He shortly became a product of the streets and was headed to a grave or prison. By the time he was 19

he had already experienced what most teenagers had not yet experienced or never will. He had many wake up calls and finally became exhausted of living that lifestyle and running from God. One day, he heard God calling him so loudly, that he fell on his knees inside his bedroom in Oak Cliff.He surrendered his life to Jesus and began the process of healing and change. Halo was already rapping and making music, so it was natural for him to continue to do the same and rap about his new journey. 10 years later, he is still thriving and his walk with God will never end. To him, it is not a race but a marathon. And music will always be a part of his life as well. The 29 year old continues to preach through music and other outlets hoping to give people hope.