Legendary Street Director Born and Raised in Dallas,Texas grew up in Lancaster


Supastarsmag got to catch up with the Legendary Street Director for all that dont know you by that name tell everybody who you are and where you from?
I am the S.E.J. aka the Street Director, Born and Raised in Dallas, Texas grew up in Lancaster, Texas all in Dallas County.

Coming up did you think you was gonna become a rapper or a professional athlete? I was a good athlete playing football under Coach Johnnie Ellis, Coach Nelson, Coach Mike Fisher, Coach Von Harris, then in High School with Coach Doug Black but I knew my size would get me through college but not the Pros. It’s a lot of real life Freaks of Nature on that Football field. And I knew my chances of being a professional rapper would be greater especially since at the time everybody wasn’t doing it.

When did you first notice you had the talent to rap? It was a blessing from GOD actually. I just WANTED to do music so I just keep working at it and GOD gave me what I asked for…it’s a craft.

Who gave you the plug to the industry and put you on? Well understand, I had 4 solo albums and a group album done before I got my first Record deal. It was myself, a talented individual named Larry Dibbles (google him he is a big deal…the UT Austin guy) aka Big Dibbs aka H.N.I.C. (Head N word In Charge), and a super talented invidual named DeIra Bright aka Smallz Green Grass and we had our own studio using a two tape Karoake machine. Then after DeIra graduated High School and Dibble was two years younger than me we had a group called Playaz In Time. I submitted a Demo to Dallas legend… Diamond D songs all customized for him including one where I was telling him in the song I wanted to get on. Diamond D signed me immediately and the rest is history. We made history in Dallas with Diamond Recordz hes still in a multiple Business owner in DFW. A True go getter.

Didnt you use to tour with Dj Bull and Chalie Boy? I did shows all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Houston, Tyler, Texarkana, and Louisiana. Some of the shows was with DJ Bull and Chalie Boy but it was never an actual tour. They were on my Hit Album The Burn, The Backdraft in 2002 on a song called “Let Me Be Mad” You can actually google that one. I converse with the whole Dirty 3rd Records family daily on FB they are family.

How was it collabing with Slim thug and how did it all come about? Man Slim is real he always been real and still is…I was a huge fan of Slim…and him and Flip were Older than me by a Year but they was killing it in Texas. And I wanted to do a song with him so I hit up George Lopez at T Town Music George got me his number. I called Slim set up everything mailed him him a skeleton track to a fire song called “Yall Playaz” produced by Tjuan Da Don Savage featuring my then 12 year old Sister Lashondra. And back in them Days you had to go in the studio with the artist it wasn’t any emailing files back and forth. About two weeks Later Slim came to Dallas and murdered the song. It was actually one of my biggest songs to date as it got a lot of radio play. Im bringing it back to the Life on the Quintessential Movie though and im sure me and Slim gone shoot a Video to it. Back then people wasn’t doing Videos like they do today.


How was it working with Lil Flip and how did that come about? Man Flip is still the Highest Selling rap Artist in Texas History. Flip was the man this was before he got the deal I actually did a few shows with Flip. I was and am a fan and I got they number off one of they many mixtapes that’s was killing the south. When your about business they knew it I called and sent a Fax….within minutes Wille Belt from Sucka Free Records had me on the phone. About 4 Days Later Flip was out in the Dallas and we made the song “Hood Superstars” happen. I was the first Dallas artist to really have the TWO Big Stars from Houston…Flip and Slim on an album…now mind you im still 19 years old making these moves. Had I known what I know now I would have developed a more personal relationship with them and kept touring. I probably would be a millionaire now like they are but everything happens in its right time. Flip is a truly talented Legend.

Was it hard for you being an independent artist? No because I always been a businessman first. And I always put up my own capital for my projects so I always got paid from everything I ever did. I had an album out every year for 13 years straight. I have a nice fan base and im still active. Im from Dallas a place that doesn’t support they artist but my fan base always held me down. I am in love with the Grind and the Hustle even doing movies now same thing. The kind of lessons you learn from doing it on your own are truly a blessing.

Did you ever get approached by any of the major labels for a record deal? A Few but they were not good ones. I understand life and business and those artists who signed those deals are not relevant right now. So I made the right decision im about getting paid and I don’t take orders well. Being signed means you’re an employee of that record company its they money you play by they rules. We can partner up but I don’t work for them.

How did you end up becoming the street director? I was always in clubs so much I became bored. I had a camera and started filming the events to waste time. I actually became good at it…Social Networks were taking off and I noticed everybody was getting paid off the artist except the artist. Everybody wants to be seen so I seen an opening it made more sense to me to charge artist, Djs, and clubs to help them do that I started filming and getting paid for it. I had a small camera that enabled me to move around easily but I was good with it. I was always out on the streets working and that’s how the name the Street Director came about.


When you got that drop from Lil Wayne was that one the best moments of being the street director or is there another moment?
Good Question Dubb, it was a monumental moment yes. Lil Wayne is a top level worldwide artist. And he was so humble and down to earth shoutout to Nico Hernandez, Lil Wayne, Drake, Lil Twist, and Jas Prince showed me nothing but love and I will return the love in due time.


Out of all the shows you performed at which one was the craziest? Aw man it’s the entertainment business all the shows are crazy in they own ways (Laughs)

Not only are you a film director and artist but you have other talents as well from helping individuals get their G.E.D to teaching classes can you comment on that and give the people a little more info about what you do for your community? Well I have been blessed to do so much I always wanted to be a rapper, movie director, teacher, college professor, and Coach and over the last 17 years I have been able to do everything I wanted to do. So Im all about helping people be great and change lives in a positive manner. Im really out here in the community putting in work for great causes.

What would be your opinion on the DFW music scene? I love it its young artist…creating art. Making they Path doing they thing.

Who would you say got next in the DFW and Lancaster area? Well that term “got next”…I done seen a lot of artist come and go…as that fame and shine usually lasts less than a year. But Im just a fan of the arts and I listen to everybody all these artists are killing it in they own ways. Mia Eliani shes just awesome, Slick Tre7 (Is actually in Quintessential The Movie so to me hes a Movie Star), Mo3 (truly a multi talented writer), Yella Beezy, Trap Boy Freddy, Yung Nardy, Bigg Bucc, Cure for Paronia, Uno Loso, Uninvited, The Great Ray Paul Massan, Know Shame, Key Latrece, Que P, Lil Za, Dutchess and of course all of the older artist Gator Main, Kotton Mouth, Bobo Luciano, JJ The Freestyle Prince, Pimpsta, Big B Mr. Rain, DSR, Pookie Lucci, Big Chief, man its so many I can name because if they have an album out….I got it.

What’s your opinion about the music industry? Its Business and Art be good and true at both.



How did you get recruited to be in the carter high movie?
I wasn’t recruited at all actually a well plugged in individual named Ray Page told me about it. They were already filming and was on week one and me and Josephus Sanders III showed up as extras…and we just got in there and grinded on set everyday. See in movies the Set Life is another WORLD. But everyday we was literally the first ones there with the Film Crew and some of the last ones to leave. Eventually the Director, Producer, and Writer Arthur Muhammad and his wonderful Wife Latoya, Rafael Santiago who believed in us from the start, and the other Producers Kelly Gray, Ty Walker, Tricia Woodgette, and Executive Producers Mr. Greg Ellis and Mr. Geno Taylor, Assistant Director John S. Belew, and the entire Cast and Crew seen and respected that we wanted to do all we could to help make the production a success and they embraced us. And the rest is forever documented in History. That was some of the best times of my life on that Carter High set the energy was amazing from everyone. I actually did more work behind the scenes that’s where my I knew I would be working on films for the rest of my life. Carter High we all became a family and that Movie is something everybody needs to see it…its on Netflix right now.

How was it working with Vivica Fox in Carter High? She’s is amazing on so many Levels it’s a reason she’s been a force in the entertainment business as long as she has been. I pray get to work with her again. She did an excellent Job of Playing Coach James wife in the Movie Carter High. Salute to Vivica and Maya Moore (WNBA Player) I just love her. But we gotta give Mr. Charles S. Dutton his props he is truly the man on so many levels and he talked with and made everyone better. THAT MAN is Amazing…salute to Pooch Hall and David Banner as well they showed everybody love nobody was tripping on set.

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you while filming the movie Quintessential? Everyday while filming Quintessential was memorable and magical. Every moment meant something Dubb. Every single person, producer, actor, business, extra, everyone involved are phenomenal and will live forever through this timeless work of art known as Quintessential The Movie.

I understand you are working on your own move now Quintessential can you tell the readers a little bit about the movie? Yes sir Quintessential the Movie is a film that I wrote, executive produced with Josephus Sanders III, and I filmed and edited it. Its going to be one of the greatest movies of all time Everyone of all races, places, and faces must see it. Quote That. Also salute to the other Producers of Quintessential The Movie…Queen Lioness TeLaine who is doing legendary work of her own yall check her out at www.lionesstelaine.com as well as her radio website www.theoutletradio.com , Michael Hamilton Jr., DeNeidra Harris, and Arthur Muhammad the Director and Producer of Carter High.

What inspired you to write this movie and how long did it take you to write the script? Life inspired me just being an artist and script wise I really don’t recall the time frame because it was such a work in progress where changes were made or added as needed.

Do you think Quintessential will be able to be on the level of Triple D the movie? I don’t compare art or see “Levels” because every work of art affects people differently. Triple D is a legendary movie as it and the Director Juan Salas inspired me to be like hey movies can be made in Dallas. And Then Later I worked on Carter High. THEN I did Quintessential so all art is influenced by other art so I am influenced by great works such as Triple D the Movie.

Do you see yourself making a sequel to Quintessential or are working on another movie? Absolutely, Quintessential actually has so many places it can go I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become a Hit Movie Series, TV Show, Cartoon, and Book…. the Story line is immaculate in that respect.

Give one word on that describes the movie Quintessential. Quintessential (Google the definition)

Are you done doing music? No sir im never done doing music it is a part of the arts that’s embedded in me forever. And I did the Soundtrack to the Quintessential Movie plus actual music scoring on the Film.

What’s next for S.E.J? Just trying to be better than I was the day before and just do right by people as I want done to me.

When you doing your craft do you take anytime out to give God praise? GOD is the reason for everything…he gets all of the glory…I am nobody and my craft is a gift from him….I thank him because he can take it away if I am not doing the right thing with his gift that he allowed me to use.

Every woman wants to know how’s your love life is there a special lady? Im currently a King without a Queen but like Slim Thug say one day your Flat Broke then the next day on Tour so it’s just a matter of time when that will no longer be the case. I am gone be a blessing to a blessed woman. I got good loving, personality, and good credit…winning.

What do you look for in a woman? I look for everything described in The Bible in the Book of Proverbs of a Virtuous Woman.

How was meeting Ex President Obama? It was truly a blessing to meet such a Great man with good sense and a humble spirit. Truly he will be heralded and appreciated throughout the ages salute to President Barack Obama and his family and team.

How do you feel about social media? It’s a new way of the world. Its great if used for great purposes. With everything marketing and perception is reality. SO that can be good if used good or bad if used bad. I say take and use Social Networks the same as with everything with moderation and responsibility.

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to be in the entertainment business?
It’s the entertainment business be entertaining and be about your business. Any other inquiries Yall can contact me at empirethang@yahoo.com I am hands on with everything.


Any last words or shout outs? I want to shout out and send love to everybody reading this I thank you for taking the time out to do so. Your time is valuable and you didn’t have to do so. I pray you health, wealth, success, and insight. GOD is good and always with us all, have faith in him and in yourself.