97.9 The Beat Pskillz Flow Tv Life Behind the Mic

Why don’t you tell the people where you from and where you reside at now?

Born and Raised in St.louis, Missouri. Now Residing in Dallas Texas.

Have you always been into deejaying or were there other ventures or careers you pursued?

I got my start in the industry, during my Hosting & Emcee days in College at Grambling State.

What made you wanna become a on air radio personality?

I was Recommended to be a Part time jock. During my street team position at K104.


How did end up landing at 97.9 the beat?

I was Recruited via text

Out of all the people you interviewed which was the worst?And which was the worst?

No worst interviews, just memorable fails, with Designer audio issues, during a on site interview at concert.

I tell the artists if you want your music played by deejays first build a relationship with these deejays don’t just walk up to them and say here’s my music play it what advice would you give them? 

Figure out or ask the bartender what the Dj usually drinks, buy , it and deliver it personally or via waitress.


I see you been networking with Juicy J how did y’all cross paths?

It all started during a press run for his song with Travis Scott., up at the radio station

Being out of DFW how would you say the market for music with local artists there?can we see another Yella Beezy come out the city? The DFW is on FIRE, Literally, NOT Next but NOW . i hear & see the talent everyday. Consistency wins.

What advice would you have for artists who want to try to get their music out?

The old radio trick still exist. “Having supporters call the station and requesting their single is first. Also performances throughout the city infront of as many crowds as possible.

What’s the wildest thing told to you by a artist asking you to plug them in?

Designer gear, has been he most recent wildness.

If I’m in the DFW area what club would you recommend me to go to if I’m trying to unwind?

CLUB Pryme Hands down ! Will be an EXPERIENCE TO Remember.

Have you ever deejayed in a strip club before and if so would you do it again?

Yessir, and most deff, always had fun creating new twerk chants.

When I use to deejay at clubs I had some crazy stuff go down in the dj booth tell me what was one of your wildest moments in the deejay booth? “What happen in The Booth Stays in The Booth”

If you had a choice of any female you could kick it with for a whole day who would it be and why?

Beyonce , and to plug her into the newest anthem out called “Find One” Her & Hov can make the kids another baby sister to it. lol

With so many politics in the radio business is there still a certain playlist that the deejays have to go by?

Dallas is a city built off the basic unfortunately you have to play %70 of the classics in order to satisfy, the average party, club go er.

What artist or artists would you say is hot right coming out the Dallas,Funky Town or Agg Town area?

Erica Banks, Cre Montana  on the female side, fellas right now Chris Carter, Jhenn, & Neighbor hood CEO

While on the air what was your craziest call in that you had?

Somebody needing gas, stuck at the pump. (Yes i cash app’d em)

When people in Dallas and they wanna check you out live what club do they catch you at?

Prime Bar Fridays, & Saturdays live broad cast/

If a artist asked you to host their mixtape how would you respond?

Shoot me a email , or DM via Instagram @Pskillzflow

What’s next for you?

Branding this Record w/ Juicy J & continuing cooking anthems.

If people wanna check you out what’s your social media sites and on air times?

Fly with me 5 days a week from 7 to midnight on 979 The Beat , Saturdays 2 to 5pm

All social media platforms at @PskillzFlow

Is there anything else you wanna add before we end this interview?

It Aint How You Start in Life its How you finish. Dream Chasing to the top will require Blood, Sweat, & a few Tears.

Any last words or shout outs??

Shout out to y’all and the staff , Big Ups to the Whole Metroplex, Salute to all the Midwest people making moves in the south. Salute to all the Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated