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The Walking Dead’s Shane, actor Jon Bernthal becomes The Punisher

The directors, writers and all cast involved get a 10/10 rating from me.

You read that title correctly, fans of Jon Bernthal mostly remembered from his stunning
performance as “Shane” on AMC’s The Walking Dead in my opinion has walked Netflix’s
original series “the Punisher” right out of the comics!
Washington D.C. native Jon Bernthal was the right choice for this role/character, playing Frank
Castle a Marine veteran who comes home from war only to have the war follow him. His family
is murdered due to a conspiracy that he inadvertently participated in. Leaving Castle (Bernthal)
with a one track mind, punish those who wronged him.
From pilot to finish this tale is a wild ride, filled with emotion, bloody violence and a little
unwanted political correctness intrusion. However, it makes for a great binge watching weekend
solo or accompanied.
The directors, writers and all cast involved get a 10/10 rating from me. Why? Over the years
many in Hollywood have tried to give us comic geeks a Punisher via big screen that cuts the
mustard and have tragically failed in their attempts.
From Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher 1989) to Thomas Jane(The Punisher 2004) and Ray
Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone 2008) all which were not horrible films but failed to provide a
sequel or even that of a trilogy. Hey, I’m a fan of all those guys and films yet still not afraid to
say they left us asking WHAT HAPPENED? Steve Lightfoot answered that question with his
fantastic fresh origin yet still genuine to the comic books Netflix version of The Punisher!
Easily setting up a promising franchise that eventually can even lead to the big screen amongst
the Avengers. If so don’t change the actor, Mr. Bernthal “It can not go back like the way it was
before!” You are THE PUNISHER!
Marvel’s The Punisher | Netflix Official Site


Kna Lo Venge No Stranger To The Industry


Reppin Queens, NY, veteran Kna-Lo Venge has a pretty extensive resume to say the least.

He has worked with some of the greats such as Prince, Michael Jackson, AZ, Mop, Royal Flush, Jill Jones, Jerome Benton, Brent Carter, Lil Scrappy, DJ Clark Kent, Wu-Tang Clan, Sunz of Man, Baby Paul, SPK, D/R Period, DJ Absolute, Shampoo, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Big Pun, Daddy Yankee. to name a few. With hard work and  dedication he is ready to take his place among these musical icons.

Now Kna-Lo Venge is ready to create his own wave with dope singles such as “ROLLERCOASTER” feat Brent Carter and  “What would I Say”, a track dedicated to his recently deceased mother. “. He now has a album caleld  Orgasms, Tears, Sweat produced by himself. RED PILL BLUE PILL” with DJ LIKWID is one of the tracks he will be debuting on his upcoming project which is slated to debut next year. This guy has the recipe for success, talent, drive and determination.

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