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Camp Inc Records Signs LQuote!

Adding to their lineup, Camp Inc. Records is excited to announce their newly signed artist L-Quote; the first artist the label has added for the New Year showing they are hitting the ground running.  This deal brings the release of his new single “Make it Mine,” produced by Camp Inc.’s own Rockboy Beats and is set to be available for download everywhere music is sold January 2017.

L-Quote hails from Virginia, more known for being part of the “DMV” area.  The now Miami transplant has a fire new single that puts out the idea of determination and speaking what you want into existence.  Not new to the music hustle, L-Quote has spent nearly 10 years laying down the foundation he needs to become a success by consistently honing his craft.  Every artist who wants true longevity in this business has to have patience and unlimited drive to truly make it.  Now it is his time to shine after signing his first major deal with Camp Inc. Records.  “Make it Mine,” expresses the determination of making everything his; from a sexy lady of interest to the car of his choice.  Nothing is off limits if wanted bad enough.  L-Quote has a cool and smooth demeanor, which is conveyed in his sound.  He brings a northern sound to the Miami music circle providing listeners with a new, refreshing variety.  Based on the talent L-Quote is already showing, he is sure to make the airwaves his.  This artist believes in keeping a positive mindset and outlook to succeed in this music game. Keep looking out for more hot music from this artist.

Social Media:

Facebook: Luther LQ Lewis III

Instagram: L_Quote

Sound Cloud: LQuoteMusic

Twitter: @LQuote