The Cat and Dulaa Show is explosive and reigning the airwaves!

Real, Crazy and Honest.
These 2 radio hosts are going to make you go huh?! What?! No she didn’t!
Anything and everything goes! Controversial sells on the airwaves and mix in some witty wordplay and you have the recipe for success.
The CBS Cat and Dulaa show out of Memphis, TN. is remarkably unique. The chemistry between the 2 hosts is unmatched. The show is full of humor, sarcasm. Their show is unscripted so you never know what you will get when you tune in!  Only 2 topics are off limits and that is Religion and Politics.
Cat joined CBS KWAM 990 on October 1st, 2016 and has already made a huge impact. Dulaa has been with the company for quite a long time. He was Cat and her former co-host’s board operator and they have now worked as co hosts for a month building their brand.
Cat was always a comedian and entertainer at heart entertaining friends and family since childhood. Born on December 11, 1978 in Memphis, TN. Cat is the wife of celebrity Tattoo Artist Jeff “flea” Watts. They have together 5 children.
Cat wowed audiences with her Crazy Bizarre News and sometimes vulgar outbursts. Cat poked fun at celebrities as well as herself. This chick is a blunt blonde with no filter. She is real, honest and does not beat around the bush. People love her combination of sweet and sour if you will. Cat has the thick skin it takes to make it in talk radio.
Aside from being co host of the show “Dulaa” is a musician who has always had a country blues swag rooted in his music. He has infused his love for country music into his song writing and music production. He has produced and written songs for several artists as well as theme music for radio shows. A man who can obviously wear many hats he is excited to have crossed over into the world of talk radio and is challenged by keeping the FCC off their