Rone Da StreetPoet One Of Hip Hop’s Finest



Rone Da StreetPoet. In a world of cookie cutter rap artists and formulated music,  this guy Rone is a symbol of hiphop’s purest form. He would rather curate a great project instead of pushing singles and propaganda. He would rather grind hand to hand, ear to ear than wait to see who’s watching his moves. At his performance at SXSW 2017, Rone proved he can keep up and outshine acts with honesty and emotion. Maybe it’s the fact the city he’s from produces tough hearted individuals whose dreams exceed their expectations, Racine Wisconsin. “Ball til u fall” is the mentality here, and Da StreetPoet has seen so many fall before him, he structured his mindset to never fall and become a great mc in the process, dreaming higher than what the norm may be, turning his dreams to reality. His new project “Memoirs” is available now.