Psych’s Rap, Poetry for Everyone’s Ears


   “Shadowland is a Mindset, or the [government] system keeping people in the shadows, or being caught in someone else’s shadow.” Psych’s own description of what escaping from Shadowland can symbolise is one that is very apt for a whole variety of people who listen to his album. The overarching theme of the escape? Hope. Empowerment. Enlightening.

This very poignant album is one that Psych not only created all the beats for, but wrote and performed his own rhymes with. The entire album is an outstanding journey that you must follow along with Psych; it not only explains the overall message as you follow through album, but the brief interludes throughout, the skits, follow the storyline allowing for an even clearer emotional understanding of the album. “Greatness is not about being better than anyone else, only yourself.” Words from Psych himself that exemplify the very movement his lyrics are trying to promote. To better yourself, to free yourself and, if need be, use his music to help you attain those goals. The album itself is a superb culmination of experiences and rhythm. Despite being a reflection of all the things that Psych needed to overcome in order to start moving through his own Shadowland, he means for its message to be carried by everyone, so that all people might find inspiration and drive from it.

The music on the album itself carries within it a constant stream of inspiration and hope to drive anyone forward through hard times; and that is only speaking of the underlying message, the rap itself is intelligent, rhythmic, and catchy. Aspects that anyone from any spectrum in society can appreciate. There is something to be found within his music for everyone.