Poe The Passion Drops New Heat!


Hip Hop is a culture and art movement, Poe The Passion is working hard to keep it alive, not an easy task in this oversaturated industry of cookie cutter rappers.

Garnering fans worldwide Poe The Passion is setting the rap game ablaze with rapid, spittin’, tongue-twistin’ skillz, mind-boggling versatility, and gritty messages of positivity.

His stories of overcoming through perseverance, Poe the Passion is a true artist who uses all of these gifts to take his fans through the journey while bobbing your head to the beat. Music is a form of expression and we are all artists painting a picture. Poe states about his passion, “Lyrically they nickname me the juggernaut, it is my passion that I bring to you; my audience. I believe in unique wordplay and I want my audience to rewind me and be like, ‘you heard what he just said?!’ That is the ultimate compliment!”

 Poe’s first solo album released called “The Feast” can be found on all major platforms and is doing very well. his current release titled “Overdose” is satisfying the ears of the most discerning music fans.

 In a musical landscape brimming with trendy fads like trap and pop, Poe The Passion stands out from the crowd with his magnetic personality and captivating stage presence. Be sure to follow his movement to stay up to date on his latest projects: