New YONI STEAM ROOM added to Massage Life Studios

Prestigious massage therapy, relax and body treatment center Massage Life Studios in
Charlotte, NC takes very well care of the mind, spirit, and overall physical health of each
of it’s patrons, providing excellent service, and hospitality along with top notch body rejuvenating
massage techniques.  The establishment is owned and operated by reputable, prominent businesswoman, and seasoned massage therapist veteran Tracey Grey.
Being a strong, intelligent, health conscious woman with extensive knowledge on the human
body, as well as holistic, and natural health practices, Tracey Grey has a deep concern with the
overall health conditions of her clients.
In early May of 2018, the highly regarded and acclaimed Massage Life Studios made the
addition of a Yoni Steam Room to better assist and cater to the health of many of her women clients.  Some of the benefits of a Yoni Steam is to regulate the menstrual cycle, detoxify the womb, and increase fertility among many other advantages.  Massage Life Studios provide
only the best for the women that use the Yoni Steam, using only all natural, chemical free, vegan products, as well as natural, organic, unadulterated herbs from many parts of the world.
Massage Life Studio’s Yoni Steam Room is  a nice, pristine, clean and relaxing environment.
Tracey Grey is also available to consult with each woman that books a Yoni Steam session
for better results.
Watch the Video above for more information.
Book a session her at
Massage Life Studios
 3623 Latrobe Dr Suite 110J, Charlotte, NC 28211
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