Meet Toki Tokabona of Yeah Boi Music Group!

Meet Toki Tokabona of Yeah Boi Music Group, LLC…THE WORDSMITH. It is difficult to give an accurate account of who he is, as he is always in the process of becoming. His love of knowledge and learning prompts him to change and correct the person he is every day; and although he is no fan of teaching, he admits it has become an integral part of who he is. He puts it into his music.

Vowing to never conform to the image portrayed in today’s rap scene, Toki is a conscious lyricist. He started rapping when he was only 16 years old, but he’d been in love with music his entire life. Heavily influenced by old school hip hop for its storytelling and substance, he stepped onto the music scene with the intention of filling the void that is paved with unintelligible, mumble, music today.

His rigid attention to lyricism proves to be one of his minor weaknesses, but only because it is not conducive to the commercial frame of industry music. To counter this “flaw” he adapts to any beat, any sound, any flow, and delivers exquisitely. Acknowledging those who are out there giving real, raw, lyrics; he also makes note that the music scene is more accepting of those who are feeding the world “nonsense” music. Inspired by all musical art forms…he is the missing piece.